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For those bitches that claim to be all for justice yet they try talking down about people they do not know anything about. The final test for some will be to see if you know the simple notion of not judging someone before you know them and their entire situation. Making horrid accusations over someone because they are different in some way that isn't hurting anyone is sick and wrong.

You are ******** up if you talk any s**t about anyone when you know nothing about them and only judge them by a mere appearance. Some of these people that are being so ******** up are in the wrong ******** place here. They are among the very people they are sickly judging and they don't even know it. Some of them are following and claiming to love someone that they don't even ******** know. They simply follow such people when what they want to hear is spewed. Blindly trusting someone you do not know is a bad idea and you're a damn fool if you do so. It is reasonable if you fancy listening to what someone has to say but if you base your entire life around it, you can easily get ******** over.

Assuming is also a very ******** and stupid thing to do as well. Do not put words in other people's mouths. If this ******** or that ******** says nothing of the sort of whatever s**t you are into, then do not assume they are all for it just because you want them to be. ******** shut it because you know nothing of them unless you are personally there and know them for ******** real.

How stupid would these people feel if it is revealed that one of these people turns out to be one of those that they tried talking down about? How bout that then? These people attempting their petty s**t talk are making me ******** sick. ******** each and everyone of you that are that ******** in the head. If you don't learn reality then you don't deserve to live in the better world that will soon be here. People like you are what is keeping this world ******** all ugly. Be ******** real, be reasonable, simply do not judge unless you know the entire situation, if you can't do such simple things then ******** off! You are unwanted and unneeded.

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July 3rd
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue May 06, 2014 @ 09:03pm
I love this.

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