I See Kitten Stars
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The moments are passing but it feels like there is no place where I belong. I'm wandering without any definite course or path. Like a stray. I once had a home, but truly, I have no place so here I am. The silence so deafening I can hear the seconds tick away on a watch in the next room. Some part of me hopes that as I hear them longer, it will suddenly dawn on me what it is I'm supposed to do, what my next move is. But the abysmal reality is that there is no answer. I've been lost my whole life, its just been my mind tricking me into thinking that I have a place to be. The worst part is I felt so full of love for a world that doesn't want it, that I stupidly thought that I could, somehow, make a small difference in it. That there would even be the faintest mark left indicating that I even had a presence. None of it matters, I suppose.