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RP Profiles
I RP in towns ... shoot me a message if you're interested! ^ ^
Lychee (RP Profile)
Lychee is the third creation of the master sorceress known by some as "The Maker". For a time, she remained at her creator's side, performing any task that was asked of her, usually something simple like cooking or keeping house. Though the yearning to venture from home was something always present, and like all her other creations, The Maker had allowed her to leave to make her own way.

After some time, she had been picked up by a circus, trained to perform before crowds, believing she would make a cute mascot of sorts ... since those pink ears and tail stood out so much. They had given her the name Lychee and treated her well. She had traveled with them for four years. Unfortunately, the circus has disbanded ... though she and a few other dancers formed a troupe which ... became moderately successful ... However, the other troupe members believed that Lychee was too popular, stealing everyone else's thunder ... so they gave her the boot.

No doubt she was quite pissed about this, though decided she could make a living on her own ... it ... just hasn't been going too well, so far.

Typically she can be seen in taverns getting smashed. She claims the sword she carries around is just a prop, but she can actually wield it fairly well ... "The drunker, the better". She gets along somewhat well with others, but has a nasty temper. She acts proud, but is pretty self-conscious deep down ... well, until she's had plenty to drink.

Like her youngest "sister", Kit ... she gets mistaken as a cat quite often, when she's actually a fox. And no, the two are not aware of eachother's existence.

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