Ash Brooks
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So her numb fingers work on pinching a big clump, shivering from the cold. Attempts on breaking up the clump didn't last long, the cold winning her over, fingers too numb to work the way she wants them. So she dumps the clump on the thin paper and rolls it up. Digging a hand into her pocket, she retrieves the red light and after three attempts she finally succeeds in producing a lingering flame that's willing to burn.
Then she inhales.
And it promises her many things. Calmness, peace, a brief but wonderful sensation of completeness and maybe even a tinge of happiness. Sometimes it's even enough to provoke a smile on her pretty little lips.
A chill encases her like glass, the world looking bigger and more fascinating then it ever did a few moment ago. Her first experience made her giggle with excitement, staring wide eyed at her own hands as if she had just discovered them. Now it's more relaxing.. it's become more normal than sober ever is to her.

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