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I enjoy running。
I always hated running, or any form of exercise. Mostly because I was always the worst at it when it was forced on me (gym classes in middle school -shudder-) and I was criticized by other shitheads I had to associate with. Yes, other shitheads. I was a shithead, even though I was definitely smarter, still a shithead.

I'm not fat or anything; I'm pretty slim with killer thighs. I just didn't find entertainment in sweating like a pig and running. I was always an artsy kid instead of a spartan that's athletically gifted and well versatile in sports. I was drawing and writing, not running into people for a stupid ball or seeing if I'm faster than Juan LOL
I tried my hardest to avoid gym classes in high school, even though they were required to pass high school. ********' dumb, right? Yeahh..but throughout my [miserable] sophomore year I realized I had to just tough it out and get s**t done.

Thus, I took what's known as"cross training". Honestly I thought playing sports in high school was gonna be shitty due to the vast amount of competitive warrior-at-heart children, and this was the closest to not playing sports (though we have those game days on Wednesdays, eeh..I don't have to play football so I'm fine). I really thought this was just running.
There it was; in actuality a mix of each besides the swimming classes. At first I was intolerant 'cuz I never ran or lifted or played sports -- or socialized with strangers. My group treated me like s**t (all guise group too, just throwin' that out there) and even ditched me for the "loop" (running around the gym, up the stairs, down, and again). Sucks we have to do that in groups.
When we first did 20 laps around, they saw me lagging behind and didn't give a s**t so I had to push myself and literally felt like vomiting all over the place after.emotion_smilies/icon_puke.gif

I had to do an oral presentation the period after. classified_smilies/icon_fffuuu.gif

I really hated the entire class, including classmates. I had plenty of catty girls and dumb guys and I'm-just-here guys, ******** lifting weights, ******** your games, and sweating like s**t.

...'Til I started to enjoy it a little. "What?", I thought. "Am I going crazy? emotion_smilies/icon_jawdrop.gif"

It was all dark clouds and ********, 'til I realized this rush I get when I run. I get excited, I feel powerful, I feel like a..iunno. Barefoot angel? That's what I would say..kinda' weird but don't h8.
I became quicker than the biggest meathead in class. ******** yeah.
Weight lifting became tolerable; I even got stronger in the process as well and my group stopped their let's-make-this-chick-feel-like-a** game. I converse with one of them very well. The other two? We're in fine terms, I suppose.

Also, I stopped worrying about it all. I didn't care. I didn't care if someone ran faster than me,I didn't care whether I had someone running beside me or not (I wanted to be more social than people thought), I didn't mind if I made a mistake during a game, and I didn't care if the teacher thought I was going too slow or whatever. Though he didn't seem to care. He never cares lmao. I'm cool with it, though.
Did I mention he's hungover all the time? smilies/icon_lol.gif

I practiced too. While in the cardio room i had chosen to speed up the treadmill and run while everyone decided to walk on them, I did extra sit ups if I could and did an extra lap around the track or so. I'm a speedy b*****d now and can do a buncha' sit ups (as opposed to how I'd get worn out at, what, twenty?)
This is a constant exercise class btw and I've been in here for months now. Just taking that got me much better at this stuff.

Throughout all the leg and gut pain I suffered, it paid off. I love running now. It helps me concentrate and cheers me up. A few laps around the track or maybe 15-20 minutes on a treadmill [runnin'] makes me feel better always; especially when I was still torn over a boy that betrayed me. I may write about that too..
I also have heard exercise in any form releases the same stuff that's released when you're all happy and laughing or something.

Seriously, exercise in any form is great for you. If you're not all ripped and fit like everyone else, who cares? You're not there to impress some grisly tight ********, you're there to get in shape, feel good, and have a good time. I don't groan or get annoyed when I see an elliptical or treadmill anymore. I wonder "can I use it for a bit?"

I still hate football and my class, though. ******** those. Bunch of assholes.

smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif Bis später.