sora wonk
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do you ever think, hey i am such a well-designed character. i'd be great in some novel.

think about it, who else has your unique mix of physical traits, preferences, habits, and dreams?

now i think, how great it is to be me, a twenty-year-old kid who with a birthmark under my left eye and another on my bottom lip, like if i were a doll, someone cared enough to put in little details and how great it is that i happen to be programmed to like men and women and what an interesting combination, what a great choice. i am such a complex character. i would be proud of me, if i made me.

and you are a complex character too. and i'd be proud if i made you. you should be pleased at how intricate you are. it really is very cool.

this part will probably sound stupid to everyone else so i'm putting it under a spoiler.

thanks to octopimp, i've acquired a creepy birthmark fetish. at this point, i won't fight it. i'm okay with being creepy.

isn't it a sexy birthmark?

finals stress can't win over finals apathy.

the secret to looking fit without exercise is not having enough money to buy food. great diet, very efficient, do recommend.