I took too long to do this, so it has to be short. Everybody said we'd be late, so we woke up early and got ready. We were dressed by 10. Then Amanda decided she could not stand to wear what was bought for her. A mini meltdown ensues while I try to calm her down, help her find something else to wear, and tell my other two sisters to, er, stop yelling. It didn't help when everyone else arrived at our house. We all had something to be done first, so we split up.... then there was a yelling match because only cake had made it into the car. Rather than leave and keep the peace for now, I kept pushing the issue until we made a U turn to go back and get the rest of the food.

Everybody got over it and we had a nice Easter. Except for when I woke up and went outside to pet the dog, and ended getting peed on. Nasty little dog, not the one I wanted to even pet. I wanted to find a four leaf clover for Nan Esther and I did. I just hope she doesn't get sick, because I found it in the area of the yard where the dogs were, and when I gave it to her, she kissed it.

When I went back to work, let's just say it wasn't a great day. I ended up saying something smart. I was working on t shirts, because I thought the DM was still coming in the morning, and had been for a while. Shenita asked me if I had done the bathrooms yet. I hadn't touched the bathrooms, something she should've known because she was back there the same time I was, after doing the trash. So I let out a sarcastic laugh and said no. Followed up by a look back and the words,

'Did you see me go to the back?'

That slipped out, though I've thought it many times. I think she was a little thrown off by that, and told me that she thought and has always thought I take too long trying to do the tables, that I need to prioritize when I'm expected to vacuum, do the bathrooms, clean the mirrors, and recover the store. I already knew how she felt, but that was the closest we have come to really bumping heads. Still, I didn't want to make things awkward, or have a bad vibe hanging about every time she and I have to work together, so I apologized. It did make me want to look for another job, though.