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The Trials of Phantasy
Phantasy - everything and anything that has to do with the creative imagination.

She sits outside
Watches the activity
On the street that
Disappears into the

A kid on the way
To the small school
Chews and spits
Staining the road

Women wander
From store to store
Thin cigarettes
Hanging between sooty

A gentleman sits
Outside the cafe
Leisurely blowing
Cigar smoke into the

Thirty years pass
Still she sits
Watching the street
That has not yet

A kid on his way
To the big school
Sucks on a
Moist snus pouch and

Girls tired from
Shopping move to
A hookah lounge
To share some sooty

And a gentleman sits
Inside the cafe
Leisurely blowing
Vapor from his fancy

She wonders how
It is possible for
The world to change
While people remain the

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Community Member

Thu Apr 24, 2014 @ 05:29am

My tribute to my work which involves copious amounts of research/writing regarding tobacco prevention. I always knew that my brain would eventually churn out something tobacco related . . . that irritating uncontrollable thing called inspiration finally kicked me in the a** I guess. I toyed with a short story at first which quickly evolved into an idea for a play instead and am now sadly stuck between the two. But at least I managed to get some of it out in poetry form. And inspiration, being the fickle b*****d that it is, hightailed it out of there before it could grace this piece with a proper title. Maybe I'll have better luck the next time it comes around.

User Comments: [1]
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