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The Quest for art: The Beginning.
So on Monday (The 21st) I started my quest for art. Two AWESOME people drew me some art. :3

The first one;
Reference photo: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Artist; benakittie

Second; (which was made on the 22nd)
Reference photo: same as above.
Artist; Krxss
Noncoloured version;

You wanna know the really awesome thing about the second piece of art? It actually looks a lot like how I look in RL. Minus purple hair (and green eyes, I have brown eyes), my hair is currently pink, but that's because it's fading from a fuschia like colour, speaking of which I need to re-dye my hair soon for my Romana Flowers Cosplay...
Anyways, I have the same facial features, and my hair looks almost exactly like that.

Beep boop. This has been a post.

*robot noises*

Questing art: 11/400.

:bigheart: :puddi: Questing: Miss Mustachio
1.9b / 15b
:tea: :bigheart:

*whispers* I see dead people.