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So, I have decided that with my first full paycheck from my new job, I'm going to do a cleanse!

And no, not any Hollywood 48 Hour Diet, where you only drink this weird liquid of God knows what.
But a cleanse as in, only water and fruits and vegetables, I'm hoping for a three day cleanse, during this time I'm keep my activity lower than it has been lately.

After this cleanse I plan on 0% junk food, no pop, no fast food, but a girl has to have an occasional chocolate bar.

My workout now is, running for at least 5 mins, more if I can
Yoga to relax and stretch muscles after running
Leg/Lower Body workouts
Arm/Upper Body workouts
Core exercises
And a cool down period at the end to relax, and slow down my heart rate.

During the cleanse, I will still do my yoga, and maybe some core exercises, but mostly just walking. It will be difficult, but it's just a cleanse, trying for a fresh start.