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So, it's I'm having such an "awesome" semester so far. Ever had your grade hanging by a thread? Well I'm a bit worse off. I missed one assignment in one of my college classes and it dropped me to below below and if I manage to get 90 to 100% on basically all of my assignment I'll managed to have above seventy, just barely. That's not even accounting the other things I have to do for the rest of my classes and I only a less than a month to keep up. So, yup, my thread is fraying.smilies/icon_crying.gif

Anyhow, I'm really digging my hole here but such as it is I've found a way to play my favorite PS2 games among others that I never managed to get:whee:. Let's not count that I got all the DS games and PSP, not even mentioning the PS1 games, free to play all I want. Terrible isn't it?smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif The closest up-to-date gaming system and games I have is the 3DS, very lucky on that part. If I had a 360, PS4 or the just-come-out systems then I'd be in really bad luck on restraint.

Then there's the kindle. It's extremely hard for me not to buy books that are just a click away. I held on as long as possible without buying books 'cause I didn't go to the bookstore but the kindle just killed all my self-restraint. So it's a wonder that I'm having the time of my life keeping up with my college classes:sweat:

Well, my fault entirely. Gotta smack the back of my head to get back into the game. Je n'aime pas travaille !

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