Okay so we all know we have at least one person we fallen head over heels for, right? At least one person or maybe two and more.

So today I just realized that my love life sucks so bad that I'm thinking of just forgetting about relationships all together but then again there's this one guy who I can't stop thinking about... it hurts really. Because sometimes I think he only does this to make himself feel better but other days it feels real... So I really don't know anymore. Why do we have to fall in love when we all know its going to end in the future and we end up getting emotional pain from it... Love why are you so complicated?

I sit here and wait for the right person when we think its the right person they end up being the wrong person... the wrong love. Sorry I'm getting all these feelings that I can't handle... Just stop. So let's go to the next subject, shall we?

My social life I think is going down hill. I'm really social in person and on the internet. But I feel like when I meet someone new, yeah I do try to keep up with the friendship and talking but it seems like everyone is becoming distance now. And I do have a short attention span sometimes and I do get distracted all the time... so for those who I talk to on here when you feel 'left out' please know that I do apologize for that and I do try to add you in the conversation or change the subject so you can join in.

I even realized that when someone comes up to me randomly and I don't talk back because other people are talking at the same time, please know that I get and again I get distracted. So please don't think I'm ignoring you and being a complete a*****e to you when I'm not.

I do talk to everyone so please don't walk away when I don't reply right away. I'm busy or just in brb mood. So don't think I'm ignoring you or just think I'm to sassy for you xD When I don't attend to make you feel ignored. So just add a comment or PM me. -coughs- ask for skype -cough-

So if you want to talk to me, talk to me. I will gladly talk to you but I personally think skype is better. If you want to ask for my skype go ahead.Or ask for my kik as well.

That's all for today. End of journal entry 1.