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Morlum +nonsense
NTS: ref.

I really miss listening to the occasional lukthung and morlum songs of SE Asia introduced to me by a revered uncle and my parents.

Salawan Ramwong
Love the lady singing here. One of my favorite singers.

สาวเข็นฝ้าย - จิ๋ว อมรรัตน์
Looks like the kind of dancing I grew up on.

ຟອ້ນຈຳປາເມືອງລາວ. LAO TRADITIONAL DANCE
My uncle's daughter taught my sisters and I how to dance a slightly different version to this song. But that was a long time ago… It's been more than 5 years now. Practice was a pain, but now I can appreciate it. Haha...

etc, etc.

Follow the mind or the heart???

I think my heart is rather honest. But I'm afraid to trust it. I'm not comfortable wearing my heart on my sleeves.
My mind… has a lot more common sense than my heart. It can process information more logically. I trust it more. And that's how I've been passing my exams.
It's basically a war at the moment.