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4 Companions
A brief history of me and my 4 current companions. In this, I will leave out all names. Most of you that know me enough already know all those shits anyways. And yes there is a total of 7 of us and recently I even found out about an 8th person that is and always has been tied to my companions and I but it's not another companion....

I was made a very long time ago with 3 companions in a dark realm. On my first day of existence I bonded with my 1st companion and immediately felt a strong attachment to him and later that same 'day' I was torn from him and put with another companion, my 2nd companion. My 1st companion was left alone so all he could do was go crazy in that room where he was locked up. I didn't experience that same insanity till a bit later.

After I was put with my 2nd companion, I was happy for the little time I got to be with him but then I was taken from him as well and put with my 3rd companion. I didn't feel the same attachment to him as I did the first two but I still ended up loving and needing him just the same.

Later I was meant to suffer and go crazy as well from not being able to be with any of my original 3 companions... So I did and still am in that mess today but I'm much more stable than I've ever been. I also had a couple past lives where I had to be without them as well and all those lives were short and ended tragically.

I eventually was put in 'this life' and at first was seemingly with out any of my companions again, only they were always in 'this same life' but I had no memory of any of them years ago when I was seemingly a kid. Every so often I would just have quick flashes or visions of them and then I'd immediately forget so I wouldn't lose my mind as a child.

Later in 'this life' as I got older and remembered more stuff, I started to remember my original 3 companions one by one and I was also given a new companion in 2008, my only female companion. In 2007 I remembered my 2nd companion and started to talk to my 3rd companion. In 2012 I finally found my 1st companion again but before that, I lost my 4th, the female one, or at least who she was in 'this life.' Fortunately she is still around in the younger form I found her as in 2008.

In the end of 2013 I lost another companion in a lesser way, my 3rd companion and after that, I found out who my 1st companion is in this world and it led me to many things and new friends.

Now it finally being 2014, I'm told and am sincerely hoping that this will be the year where we all finally get to reunite once and for all... I believe it is actually very likely because of how things always where and have been. Every couple years, something happens to where I get to be with another one of them again...

In a way, I will always and always have had all of my companions through Helrena. Helrena is the eternal connection between my companions and me. Helrena is a very complex existence and is a mutual being, it is both a negative and a positive.

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