Hmm... I'm not sure which of the characters I'd use mainly though: Pit, Mega Man, Rosalina, or Greninja?

1. Pit was probably my favorite character to use in Brawl and I really like Kid Icarus: Uprising

2. Mega Man is one of those characters that I got really excited to see come into Super Smash Bros (and the custom move sets makes me wonder if it's possible to make graphical edits to make the Leaf Shield look like Star Crash or Plant Barrier or any of the other shields (maybe Yammar Option if I REALLY feel like it, though it may be a bit strange to see the Classic series Mega Man wielding one of the weapons from the X series)).

3. Rosalina looks like a pretty interesting character to use.

4. Greninja is my favorite of the starter Pokemon (I even chose Froakie on Pokemon X) and for that matter, I think Greninja is one of my favorite Pokemon overall (possibly beating out Roserade, who was my favorite Pokemon earlier), and that trailer really made me feel hyped about it. I think it matched my excitement upon seeing Mega Man enter. I just hope Greninja doesn't suffer the Meta Knight fate of being the possibly overpowered character in the game.