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Electrix Angels (OC's) Backstory
I am the guardian of the Ice realm in a world that has long forgotten it's name. I seek a dreaded foe, for he is the one who wishes to disturb our worlds peace.
Chapter 7
We (being me and the human) both knew the spies were, indeed, following us, but trying to stay hidden. I still can't believe I didn't notice them sooner! The Guardian of The Realm of Light had told me that he couldn't spare any of his men to join me on my quest, so why would he have spies follow me?

We noticed that there was only one spy on our backs, which is rather unusual, for our high king always sends at least two on these sort of missions. So that means one must have already gone ahead to report our current location and progress on my mission. The human and I had quietly strategized our plans to ambush the spy, and implemented it flawlessly. For we had taken the spy by surprise, and he couldn't figure out what was going on until we had gotten him where we wanted him.

The spy wouldn't talk, no matter what we tried. So the best thing we thought of was simply to keep going back with our new captive. When we got to the borders of The Realm of Light, it was almost as though the king’s guards were waiting for us. They insisted they escort us to a secure area, but the human and I knew that something was up. We counter insisted that they just take us to the king, but it appeared that to the king was where we were going.

They king’s guards took us to a place under the castle that I've never been to before. There, his majesty questioned us, as we did him. All he wanted to know was why I was still alive. All I wanted to know was why there were no crystal roses in the area they were supposed to be in, and why he sent spies to follow me rather than accompany me. And for the human, he stayed silent. He tried to interrupt now and then to ask his majesty his questions, but didn't find a good opportunity.

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