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Polar Tear skin
Based on the colours of the Polar Tear skin - I love making avatars with these colours yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif

Polar Tear (Glacial Crystal Skin)
Azure Guidance (2)
Northern Chill (Hair)
Undereye Eyeshadow (Light Blue)
Cheek Sparkles (Turquoise)
Twilight Sparkling Skin
Tendril of the Deep (Markings)
Lulling Lucie (Young Lady\'s Lipstick)
Ballad of Orpheus (Charms)
Aria Dannata (Encore: Playwright\'s Downfall)
The Widow\'s Spirit (Corset Vest)
Fairy Lumi (Floating Legs)
Azuramella (Puff Sleeve Bolero)
Pale Triplet
Dulce Principe
The Widow\'s Spirit
Blue Rose Scarf
Mercury\'s Moon (Mercury\'s Moon Temporis)
Azuramella (Pull)