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Last night was fun, and I almost didn't go! My roommate was going to his friends place to watch basketball. I debated staying home, since I don't like sports, but decided it was one of the last nights to hang out before I used the "I wake up at 6" excuse to not do things. Funnily enough, his friend didn't even have the channel to watch basketball XD So we sat around and chilled. We found inappropriate songs to listen to, had some drinks, smoked some hookah, we even had ourselves some creme de menthe ice cream, which was delicious!

It just got me thinking about how much more I drink then I used to. I feel like I've been drinking every other night if not every night recently and I have, like, 4 different kinds of booze right now. Even if I don't plan to drink, I'll take a shot or two of something. Even when I'm alone. That can't be good. But, I don't know, I guess if I'm realizing it I can't be too far gone. Right?

Also, I'm addicted to the song Human by Christina Perri. Listen to it!!