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Just a little summary.
Hi there. It's apparent I can't list my real name, so I guess I'm XionxAku.

If you can guess by my name, I'm very profoundly addicted to Kingdom Hearts (arguably the greatest game made in history by the greatest developer, Square Enix. [Gomen nasai, Super Mario Bros. 3, but the Super Mario series started to go cheesey when it went modern.]) A gamer at heart, I am. Of course, I've only played things on the Playstation 2, Super Nintendo, Game Boy (Advanced/Color, too), PSP, and DS. I'm slightly old fashioned. I can do without modern stuff, though. I.. Have some profoundly disturbing interests, as I range from Shakespeare, Poe, to the Battle Royale mangas, and Utada Hikaru to some creepy choral music. (I am a metal head, though.)

I like everything dark. If you're the type of person who likes.. Romantic comedies, Miley Cyrus, Lil' Wayne, neon colors, then I certainly am not the person for you.

So.. To begin my start on Gaia. Here it goes.

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