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Acts of love

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Currently: Drinking green tea with honey ~
My Jam atm: G.NA - Oops! (ft. 일훈

Random lyrics from song * new addition to my journal *:
"I`m a beautiful girl, I like being makeup-less.
Every morning i`m chased after time ~
Now hurry and go on your way, go on"


I wake up and i`m instantly here- my Gaia journal is like my time for me to express things and share w.e for those who likes to read my shet and business- STOP READING. *lols no i`m joking, I lubbers you long time ; u ; *

ANNNDDD... It'sss *looks at my phone* PAASTT 5:30 . I woke up like 2 hrs ago because of cramps smilies/icon_gonk.gif *Ladiesss, you should know*
I`m here all relaxed with a nice cup of green tea and watching some random videos. I just so happen to come across this adorable film that was made a few days ago!
This video is pretty touching ; n ; I would love to that kind of act of love when given the opportunity emotion_smilies/icon_C8.png Little things go a long way I guess, AND DAM. I THOUGHT JEREMY LIN WAS YAO MING FOR A SECOND.

For those who are wondering why my profile is locked, no I am not quitting lolols emotion_smilies/icon_C8.png But I will be less active . I`m changing things around my profile and possibly making a layout for myself. *requires me to drawwww-ffff* I actually want to start doodling for gaians here for gold (GEE. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I SAID THIS?)
Not for myself but for random gifting c:

Not only that my wishlist is officially out of my reach, but I came to realize a lot of us are so greedy and focused on questing/hoarding shet. *F DA INFLATION.* GAIA ISN'T ABOUT ITEMS. *Although I do love a lot of items here ; n ; I`ll just get them whenever I can*
I`m already super grateful for what I have already and I`ll be wearing them with pride more often ; n ;

For some reason I keep trying to desperately pinch my tummy to grab any of my tummy flabs. BUT IT'S NOT HAPPENING. It hurts when I try to pinch it ; _ ; I lost almost all my fat around my abdominal area LOL . NOUUU...I`ve been working my abs too much emotion_smilies/icon_donotwant.png Now I can't enjoy squishing my tummy when bored .
*much sad face*

Anndd i`m kinda hungry for some congee, TIME TO GO MAKE SOME ~

S m : ) e