Haruki's eyes snapped open as she sat up. "Why would I fall asleep here?!" She groans. She looks around and notices how close to the door she was. Odd.. I didn't feel tired at all.. She hears a low growl resonate off of the walls. "Wow!" She chuckles, "Quite the loud one today, eh?" She pats her belly and goes to stand up. A sharp pain shoots from her leg to her upper back, causing her to collapse on the ground, breathing heavily. "W-What the hell?!" She stutters. Just as she fell, one of her kunai had sunk deep into her flesh. Haruki crawls over to the wall and pulls out a keypad and speaker from a hidden desk. She dials a four-digit code and calls someone, only to be sent to their voicemail. She whispers a single plea, "H-Help.." and passes out on the cement floor.