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Electrix Angels (OC's) Backstory
I am the guardian of the Ice realm in a world that has long forgotten it's name. I seek a dreaded foe, for he is the one who wishes to disturb our worlds peace.
Chapter 6
I was heartbroken rather then angry, for over the weeks traveling, I have lost most of my pride that once consumed me. I didn't want to return to my realm empty handed, but the human didn't understand. He believed my people would forgive me and understand that the crystal rose was not here. He wanted to head back right away. So for him to try to understand, I had to tell him a secret I had once tried to keep, but got out not long after my becoming Guardian of The Realm of Ice.

I was not born of the Ice Fairy's, rather, I was a Storm Fairy. I grew up and lived my childhood in the Realm of Storms too. But our high king, The Guardian of The Realm of Light, wanted me, a Storm Fairy, to be Guardian of The Realm of Ice. And when he wants something of you, you should never question, and above all, never refuse. So with his powers, he, in sense, changed my race and turned me into an Ice Fairy. I still held the powers of a Storm Fairy, but those powers had now been weakened. When word had gotten out that a Storm Fairy was on their throne, riots had come out everywhere. My life was even on the line many times, but I was able to show them that I could be a good enough leader to calm them down enough for the fighting to stop.

My people still hated me for being a Storm Fairy, and if I returned without any way to help them, I would surely be killed. The human could tell that I was in much distress, so he tried to comfort me. He was able to convince me that under the protection of our high king, I would be safe. So we started our way back to The Realm of Light. But on our way there, we found something that made me most skeptical of my being here, and that was that we were being followed. But not by just anyone, but by our high kings spies.

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