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Electrix Angels (OC's) Backstory
I am the guardian of the Ice realm in a world that has long forgotten it's name. I seek a dreaded foe, for he is the one who wishes to disturb our worlds peace.
Chapter 5
The sun had risen the next day, and we both knew that it was not going to be a safe voyage to my destination. We came across many different creatures that sought our lives, but we managed to defeat them. Though, the further we got, the tougher and more desperate the monsters became. For we were only seen as a meal waiting to happen.

Weeks had gone by, and we finally came to a new realm. Like the rest, this one was strange in a sense. It appeared that day did not exist here; the moon was always lit high in the sky. We could here the whispers of something talking to us, taunting us, even looking into our minds and telling us that being here isn't worth our reasons, and that we should turn back while we are still alive. The human almost lost his mind to this voice, but I managed to keep him somewhat calm.

It didn't take more than a week to finally reach my destination. We came across a cave covered in crystals, and we traveled it for not much more than an hour or so. But when we had gotten to the place that my map said the Crystal Rose was, it was not. It was just an empty field with crystal flooring. Though, you could definitely tell that the roses were here once. For the roots of their stems still laid in the ground.

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