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Yuki / Maemi / Illia / Amber / Eric

"Yuki, you couldn't fight your way out of a wet paper bag!"

"WHAT?! I could so!! I've beat tons of people!"

"Who? Name them."

He paused, thinking, "That...guy."

"What guy?"

"The one guy...."

"See?" Maemi huffed, "You can't even name one."

"Shut up, Maemi!!"

"What are you gonna do, squirt? Heal me to death?" she giggled.

Yuki, letting a growl escape from his lips, took a step towards her, fist ready. She gave a smirk, preparing to take a side step and cartwheel away, but something caught her foot. Looking down quickly, she noticed something green wrapped around her ankle before Yuki's fist even collided with her face and she fell backwards. Stunned, Yuki stood wide eyed before the fallen woman, not sure how it had happened. He had expected to miss like always.

"Whoa..." Illia huffed out, walking into the room just as the incident happened, "Nice one, Yuki."

"I-I.. Thank you~!"

"What's wrong, Maemi? I thought you were the unstoppable fighting force?"

"Shut up.?

Illia laughed, "You're just mad because someone finally beat you." she said as she turned to follow the overjoyed Yuki out of the room.

"I'm mad because something tripped me!!" she yelled, following the two.

"Yeah, yeah."

Eric walked over as their voices faded and smiled at Amber, giving her a high five, "Nice one!"

By: MiyuRae