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Hello, hello, hello! Today I had a great time hanging out with my sister and my best friend today! We watched cartoons, ate some food, played video games, and went to Buffalo Wild Wings smilies/icon_4laugh.gif Then we watched Doctor Who and I TURNED MY FRIEND INTO A WHOVIAN AHAHAHAAAA!... *cough*... um... anyway... on Friday (which is... today?... it's after 12...) I'll be getting my hair cut, if things go according to plan. It'll be cut back to shoulder length again, which I'm happy about, cause it's curlier when it's shorter, and I'm tired of having long hair smilies/icon_neutral.gif Let's hope my lack of sleep won't torture me too much tomorrow smilies/burning_eyes.gif I'm pretty tired, but let's see what I can come up with for a poem...

Inky black skies,
Are stars the only light?
In this cruel world of mine,
Where everything loses it's shine,
I could cry,
Every single day of my life,
But it wouldn't change anything,
I'd still have to live with me...

Hold onto me!
Keep me from falling!
Make me free!
I hear the stars,
Save me from,
those awful shadow beasts,
Fly me up to the moon,
Where I have the light to move...