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How Legend of Korra Should Have Been
------Me and my friend we're discussing about the Legend of Korra, and how it is s**t compared to the original Avatar: Last Air bender. We didn't like the fact that the seasons weren't tied to each other just like original, and we didn't like how everything seemed a bit too fast, and ended so quick, even the shipping material between characters occurred too quick. So we wasted a whole lunch break and train ride home, discussing what should have happened.

------We both agreed that everything ******** up when Tarrlok (hes the blood bender in case you forgot), revealed himself and Amon were brothers. Tarrlok should have been disposed of when Amon took his bending away. This is where everything changes, by discussing on who Amon should have been. Amon should have been who he said he was, a prophet sent by the spirits to take away bending upon humanity. He was supposed to be this herald of the spirits that had the ability to take away bending, sorta like a Dark Avatar, and along with it he should have had spirit abilities too.

------Because of Amon being this herald of the spirits. That would imply that the true enemy is in the spirit world. When Amon takes over Republic City, Korra and the others were suppose to flee successfully, into the other cities of the world, in which we viewers are exposed into the avatar world more, as we see how the cities that we saw back then; changed over the years. The other nations of the world would then have mixed opinions over this new nation that Amon has made by capturing Republic city, whether it should co-exist with the other nations or it should be Liberated. Korra and her friends then goes on these quests to convince the other nations to take back Republic City.

------But while Korra, is trying to convince the world that this new Equalist nation is a threat, and their objective is to eliminate bending through out the whole world. As small Equalist protest are occuring in other nations as well, making it harder for Korra. Amon is contacted by the spirits on the spirit world and is granted more power, the power to teach other people how to take bending away. With Sato Industries and spirit power in his command, he manages to create spirit technology that outclasses the other nations in the technological arms race. They create a super weapon that would hinder bending throughout the whole world, and they plan to take over the world in three days. They start attacking neighboring nations, such as the Earth Kingdom, which helps Korra and her cause. They gather benders, and place them in these concentration camps to take bending away.

------With the other nations seeing this threat, they unify together to form an army against the Equalist Nation. The war is brutal and is fought in many fronts, The Equalists having technological superiority because of their spirit infused tech, while the Allied Nations have a superiority in numbers and resources. The Allied Nation's leaders decide to create a task force with Korra in it, composing of the best benders and non bending warriors in it, whether they're soldiers or vigilantes, doesn't matter, they are the best of the best. Their job is to infiltrate republic city and take out Amon, which is a suicide mission. They are barely successful with heavy losses. In the final duel between Amon and Korra, Amon admits that he is not the enemy, he is just a messenger, and the true enemy lies in the spirit world. Korra defeats Amon, but she becomes captured and gets her bending taken away. She receives a vision from Amon's spirit of an invasion force from the spirit world, describing his job to rid of bending, so that the spirit invasion would succeed without resistance.

------The Equalist Nation crumbles, being leaderless and they lose the war. Korra is freed by her team avatar, and she warns them of the coming spirit invasion. Her friends believe her, but the others nations don't. Making Korra's only option is to go to the spirit world, and stop the threat. Even without her bending, she still should have spiritual connection. With great preparation she ventures of into the spirit world, where she learns the spirit abilites that amon had and the occurring darkness of the spirit world. She is then captured by the true enemy, who imprison her on the spirit world. She learns of their plans to get into the physical world and other important stuff, with the last of her abilities and powers she relays the information back to the physical world, but at the cost of her life. Making a new cycle of Avatars.

------The ending is tragic, because that's the only way we thought of it being possible without it leaving too much inconsistencies in the plot itself. But it also creates a new possibility of a 3rd installation of the Avatar Series, one having a new avatar itself and what not. But overall, this is my friend and I's version of what should have happened in Legend of Korra. Tell us what you think, leave comments and all!

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