Gothic Rebecca
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I quit
I'm quitting least for a while. I'm so fed up. I ******** hate this site now. And it kills me to admit that because I've loved it for so long.

Logging in just once a day, I come back and have anywhere from six to ten announcements. There's no reason for that! "New gold generator with a cute name coming to the cash shop!" "New EI" "Recolor of some old expensive crap" "Bundles of expensive crap" "Another gold generator with a cute name coming to the cash shop" "Oh, better act quickly, that first gold generator with a cute name is leaving the cash shop" "Flash sale!" "Limited number of this expensive items for sale now in the cash shop" "Oh look, that first gold generator with the cute name is back in the cash shop" ********!!! Flynn's Plunder literally left the cash shop and came back to the cash shop in the same god damned day! Only this time it contains rare alchemy items too. ********! I hate this s**t!

The last few holiday "events" haven't been events at all. The last several noteworthy events have sucked s**t through a straw. I log in here every day to get the Daily Chance stuff, but today I found out that they're selling gold generators in packs of 100. What the ******** am I going to be able to buy with my piddly 200 (or less) gold from the Daily Chance when people can literally buy billions of gold at a time and send inflation into astronomic levels? There isnt enough hours in a day to play Booty Grab or zOMG! enough to even make a weak-a** attempt at keeping up with inflation. Even if the gold earning caps were removed. I am completely wasting my time logging in each day.

This place isn't fun anymore, nothing is affordable, and people are leaving in droves. I hate it. I am so ******** pissed off at what this place has become. I may pop in around Easter just to see if the Easter event is worth a s**t, but I'm not holding my breath. I may do the same for Halloween and Christmas, but other than that, I'm done for now.

I'm sorry. You can cuss me, you can hate me, you can drop me from your friend list. I won't be offended because this site has insulted and offended me more than I ever thought possible.

If Gaia boots the current CEO, CFO, COO, whatever the ******** he is, I'll come back. If this place ends up cutting it's own throat, I'll come back to roast marshmallows over it's smouldering ashes, but I doubt much else will bring me back to being a full-time Gaian.

So in closing: ******** you Gaia. I hope you choke on your announcements, lousy events, and gold generators, because I'm through having them rammed down my throat.