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Dont be afraid of the dark be afraid of what it hides.....
The Cosmic Neko: Michi
!Phenominal Cosmic Powah!
The Fumei Neko ~ Michi

Michi is classified as a spicies known as a The Fumei and or The Unknown. The Fumei are cryptid creatures who are basically cruel jokes of the universe.They are born into different deminsions,universes,and on different planets. However they are thrown from a cosmic tare in the fabric of space itself which can open up anywhere at any time. The Fumei are odd creatures. Their skin is transparent. and tends to distort here and there. They have the legs of a white goat or bull.They have no mouth or eyes yet they are able to speak,not showing a specific gender,both physically and verbally. The creatures have four wings. Two on each side and lastly.....they have a tail with three pronged spikes at the end. The Fumei usually stand anywhere from 8-10 feet tall and are huking creatures with a wide wing span. They are beutiful and dangerous if provoked. Some would say they are harbingers of misfortune and downfall.When a Fumei is brought into the world they have no memories,no idea who they are....or anything.....a blank slate.

Michi is a rare case however......for some reason Michi has obtained the form of a little Neko. Almsot ghostly in looks with wide eyes,it also wears a little scarf type thing around it's neck with small chains hanging from it.

Since Michi is a Fumei he too was brought into the world a blank slate.....and after observing the ways of life around him,he decided he would hit the books and learn as much as he could. And what a success! He even taught himself how to read and talk. Just getting smarter and smarter.After gaining much knowledge he set out to fulfill his goal in life.....he had come to understand what he was now through much research...though he may be the only one of his kind that looks like a Neko he is still a fumei and he has brought it upon himself to seek out his kin and or brothern and inform them of the cold hard truth thus putting the other Fumei he incounters in his travels at ease and letting them find a purpose for their being.

Personality wise Michi is creepy yet cute. He doesnt have fingers or paws instead he has little nubs :3 The Fumei Neko is very intellegent,prim and above all proper and he never see's violence as an acceptable answer. Though if it must be delt with in such a way......it will.Michi referrs to all people who have arms and legs as humanoids because that is indeed what they are,humanoids.

Michi has phenominal cosmic power! He is able to teleport place to place,always finding somewhere new around the world,constantly on the hunt for knowledge and wonder I'm afraid.Since he is rather inteligent, he has learned the power of telekensis! Since he only has nubs for hands he cant really punch someone to defend himself or pick up objects so instead he uses his telekensis to do such things for him.You know what they say? "Big things come in small packages" well.....Michi is prime example.

Power Origin:Fumei
Skill and weapon Tree
Cosmic Power


*Big things come in small packages. Michi's main source of offense is his grand ability of Telekinesis.Despite his small size,Michi has the power to lift physical objects much heavier than himself.It can even be large portions of earth.He can also use this ability to break limbs of his predators and also fling objects at them with ease.He can also use this to lift other objects that he may or may not need*
*Michi's Cosmic power goes a bit further.His cosmic abilities allows him to defy time and space,even gravity. He can make himself do all sorts of odd things with his body but the main use for such ability is teleportation.He uses the cosmic energy to find himself in different places here and there in search of knowledge and his brethren.*

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