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Electrix Angels (OC's) Backstory
I am the guardian of the Ice realm in a world that has long forgotten it's name. I seek a dreaded foe, for he is the one who wishes to disturb our worlds peace.
Chapter 2
Hours have gone by, and the sun is already at it's highest point. Night has become day, and like my city, it is now gone. I uneasily get up, limping to my sword which has fallen only a few feet away from me. I looked around, finding no survivors. I saw fit that at this point, I could ask myself the question,"What were those beasts?" But alas, I could not answer it myself.

I flew back to my keep which was made of ice (now melted away), like the rest of my realm. It was my duty to make a journey to our high king and report what has happened to my realm which he so graciously bestowed upon my less then a year ago. I grabbed some supplies for my journey, which would only take about three days while flying.

Nonstop, I flew to his majesty's realm of light, where I demanded an audiences with the king. Luckily, he just happened to be walking past me before the palace guards threw me out. His majesty granted me an audience, but demanded it be brief, for he too had big problems of his own.

It turned out that he already knew what my situation was. For I was not the only one whose realm had been attacked that night. He could not help personally, but gave me a quest to regenerate my realms icy structure once again. Of course, if I wanted to regenerate it's beauty on my own, I could. But that would take months, and I'd rather go explore this beautiful world anyway.

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