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Maybe I'm just writing for sympathy.
The background story.
Before you read my journal entry, please note a couple of things.
a) I curse a lot.
b) I make depressive comments that may affect your mood.
c) I have very many arguable opinions, but I prefer you not argue with me.

I will not be stating my age.
I can assure you I am legally permitted to be here on Gaia.

A new year had started, and my best friend and I had been put in separate classes. Shucks. We still hung out, though. We hung out more than even we ourselves could imagine.
Then, she slowly changed.
The tomboyish girl I once knew was completely gone, replaced by a girl constantly yearning for a boyfriend.
In other words, a desperate b***h.
Now, I'm not saying her being a desperate b***h is my problem, but it becomes my problem when she starts acting too cool for me.
She got a boyfriend. They went only as far as kissing.
She broke up with him.
She started acting bitchier towards me.
She started liking this guy, who, for literally one day, liked her back.

Let me just tell you, however, that I am a very outgoing and occasionally weird person.

So, she wanted to blend in with the "cool crowd". She changed to fit his tastes. He still doesn't like her, though.
She changed and changed so much that suddenly she would call my everyday actions, which she had been accepting until then, weird.
******** her.
I guess she thought it would be best to ditch me, so she did.
Every time we decided to hang out at lunch, she would forget I was there. I s**t you not. Forget.
She would literally go and talk to whomever else was there BUT me. She would then walk away as if I wasn't even there. At first I thought it wasn't deliberately, but now that I think back on it, I know she did it to get rid of me, the "uncool" friend.
So I had eventually had enough, and gave her a piece of my thoughts.
After telling her multiple ******** times, she, who wouldn't accept her actions, pissed me off to the point that I decided to cut off our formerly sisterly friendship.
Now, don't say I was being a moody b***h, because when your best friend pulls you into a crowd you'd rather not be in, then leaves you in the middle, extremely anxious to have eye contact with anyone because you're just not pretty enough, you get sad. So sad.You just want to cry. And occasionally, you do. Just in silence, using the snow to hide your tears.
I decided to finally cut it off- permanently.
And then there's my other "friend" who thinks she's my friend, but K and I have been looking to get rid of her for years. K is the desperate b***h I was formerly talking about.
She suddenly decides to cut it off with me as well.

Why, you ask?
I DON'T ******** KNOW.

So now, my friends of 3 years have decided to leave me.
At the worst time possible.
When everyone already has their group of friends.
So I had a few previous friends. I stuck to them. They are both pretty and funny, but never make me feel out of place. Although their words, because they are so blunt, can hurt many times, they help me a lot.

But that doesn't mean I'm over it.

Whatever I see, whenever I see it, I remember K and our fun times together.
It makes me cry every time. Seeing her and I not talking anymore is the absolute worst feeling ever.
How could this be?

How could the two inseparable friends suddenly be so far apart?

And her and Y, the girl who left me for no reason, are plotting to ruin my year.

Why, you ask?
I DON'T ******** KNOW.

They tried to get the most popular, sluttiest girl in our grade date my crush of two years.

Why did I deserve this?
I didn't do anything.
I never did them any wrongdoings.

I never left them crying.

Not like they did to me.

Feel the Booty
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Feel the Booty
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  • [03/19/14 12:11am]

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    Kara The Blind
    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Wed May 07, 2014 @ 05:09am
    Wow, I'm impressed by how you let your emotions run onto the page and didn't pull any punches. People like you are rare, because everyone is so caught up in correctness, they don't like to let their heart speak, so cheers for that. You probably didn't even need your disclaimer, one way or another, someone's always going to be offended, but yea I liked your post :3

    I'm sorry you had to go through that, I won't even say I did the same thing, but I had a circle of friends at work who were all close. We were all cashiers, didn't think anything wrong of each other until the sway of power came up. One of us stepped up and then the others got jealous, called for grievances because of that envy. So they they got it, and within that Service Coordinator role, we became unfriendly to one another, showing 'favoritism' to significant others, and being cruel to the other sc's when they weren't SCing.. We just fell apart, to this day I'm picking up the pieces, but there's too much fall out to worry about repairing. Too much betrayal and lying and hurting there. Now we're all split, different stores, underlying tension still there when I go back to my old store. We don't talk. They don't talk to my partner.. I get agitated because of said actions..and it's a circle.. :/ All started with jealousy.

    Hang in there. You're a bad a**, I can tell

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