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my diary ~
Day 248: Fun and Games
All lessons were canceled today for the soccer tournament. All the students and teachers, except a few people, went out to the fields to spectate/play a soccer game of several teams, who represented the different language countries my school's program offers-- Italy, Spain, France, and US. I was within the exception group, so I stayed behind with a few other people, while everyone else went outside. It started raining in the morning, I was surprised the whole thing wasn't canceled, but I guess it just couldn't be helped.

Vivian, Ada, Nicole, and Claudia stayed behind with me though, so it wasn't so bad. We all stayed at Ms. Milian's room, my english teacher.... I guess you could say it was like a "break day". We played this game, where someone would put a card on their forehead, and on the card there was a word which we would have to act out or explain to try to make the person guess the answer. Nicole even debated with Nelson over whether high school and college are necessary to a successful life. . Today felt so different, I didn't think there could ever be a fun day at school.

Afterwords, once everyone came back from the trip, I went back to my last class, spanish language VII. My teacher, Mr. Alvarez, was the leader of the spanish team. He's.... He has an attractive face and looks young, though sometimes he can be kinda strict. He was wearing pink shorts today. We played that same game again in his class, and this time, he participated too. He seemed to enjoy it a lot, it's kinda weird, I don't usually see him laughing and smiling the way he did. He seemed to look at me a lot, I think, maybe, because everyone else was having such a good time but I was still uninterested and detached from the group. After he finished, he seemed very enthusiastic to getting me to play. He said "Come on, play David!", it surprised me he even remembered my name, it was probably the first time he's ever said my name in class or shown to acknowledge my existence. I don't really know what I did, other than keep quiet, but Ada said I rolled my eyes. I hope he doesn't think I'm rude.

Towards the ending of the class period, Claudia asked me if she could braid my hair. I told her my hair was too short to braid, but she told me she could still do it, so I let her.

I learned getting your hair braided hurts! It kinda tickled a little. As she was finishing, Mr. Alvarez looked back at me, I guess he was curious. "What are you doing to him? ... Well that's coming out perfect", I think he was being sarcastic since he tries to make himself seem as though he dislikes feminine things, but it's kinda funny since he's probably the most feminine teacher at school out of the males. Once Claudia finished, she took a picture and showed me. It didn't look all that bad, really.

Maybe I'll let her braid my hair again someday soon.


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