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my diary ~
Day 247: Irreplacable
Now that Marie is gone, I usually hang out around Michelle and Vivian, but it's just not the same. I can hang out with Michelle after school and we do dumb things together, and Vivian and me will support each other through miserable times, like the Valentine's Dance, but that's all there really is to it. I guess somethings can never fully be replaced, no matter what. I still talk to Marie on occasions, but it's very fragmented. It's kinda funny, how she tried to make Victor and me friends earlier this school year, that never did turn out too well. Victor and I would say hi to each other every now and then, the times we crossed paths in the hallways, and we'd smile at each other. He'd try to make conversation with me and try to make it work out but I was never too interested or was able to keep a conversation going.

We now sort of ignore each other every time we see one another. We kinda act as though we're complete strangers. I rarely see him in class anyway, I wonder where he always is.

Today, we reviewed our essays in history class. Mr. Pino told us our essays were awful and need serious improvement. I got a score of a 4, most of everyone got 1's and 2's, and a few people managed to get 5's and 6's. I was the only person with a 4 though, so you could say I'm the brink between the good and bad writers.

We worked in groups when reviewing the essays. Michelle moved her desk next to mine and we read each other's essays. By the ending of her conclusion paragraph, I started laughing at something she wrote... "Had it not been for his success, our history would have been delayed 10 or 20 years, so thank you Carnegie!"... "So thank you Carnegie!", What made it so funny to me was that beforehand, she told me she was proud of her conclusion paragraph and that it was her best one, but I just thought it was kinda strange to thank a dead person. Do people actually do that?

This is the last week before spring break. Just need to keep up, only a few more days left before break... and then I'll only have to wait a couple of months of more school for summer vacation. I wonder what's to come for summer.


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