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My role is italicized. If neither role is italicized, I can play either.

School/Everyday Life

Egyptian God/Worshiper or Archeologist

(World of) Warcraft
Mass Effect 1-2
DC Universe
-Something involving Power Girl or Wonder Woman
Marvel Universe
Star Wars
I'm only listing the series off the top of my head. If you have one you're interested in, go ahead and say so.


These are meant to be as broad as possible to accommodate any RP partner I could imagine at the time of writing. It's mean to suit men and women, dom and sub alike. If you like one, but aren't sure it can work how you want it to, MESSAGE ME.

Villainess X Batman

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.Bruce Wayne fanned out the big, black cape in his hands as he took a step off of the Wayne-Tech building. His 6'2:, 210 pound frame was heavy and aerodynamic in the bullet and impact resistant suit, so gravity took hold quickly. He put his arms to the side as he began hurtling to the ground, gaining speed as the pavement approached him. At the last moment, the Dark Knight arched his back and flared his arms out wide, pushing his feet down, feeling the sudden cushion of air slow his descent momentarily. The sudden shift vaulted him up into the air and his crystalline blue eyes began scanning the skies.

There it is... The bat-signal illuminated a large cloud high above the police station, the custom-made spotlight shining like a small sun on the roof of the building. The Batman twisted his body again and plummeted towards the rooftop, nearly at a 90 degree angle. Again, at the last moment, he spread his arms, the cape billowing out and letting him land gingerly on the rooftop, the gravel crunching underfoot.

"Commissioner?" He called out in his gruff tone, turning his head towards the door.


Villain(ess) X Victim

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.A soft clicking. Like nails on a table, or maybe glass. That's what woke Danny. He had lived alone for a long time, and no one would be getting home at this time. In fact, no one else had a spare key.

Danny rose from his bed, tugging his boxers further up his waist and reaching for the baseball bat in the corner of his room, gripping the aluminum club in one hand as he quietly swung open his bedroom door. His heart was pounding in his throat, the sound echoing in his head. He felt that every step was a creak louder than thunder, and each breath rattled the windows as he crept down the hallway. The young man, 22, was probably being robbed by some scum. He paced through the tile kitchen, grateful for his choice in flooring as he entered the living room.

s**t. His breath caught as he heard it. A gentle rustling, fingers looking through drawers and tossing things aside. His hands wrapped around the handle of the bat, raising it up over his head as he crept into view.

Servant/Concubine/OC X Young Prince

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show. Shadrah was restless. The young boy, just having turned eighteen, was under the effect of his hormones. He tossed and turned in bed, his body aching for something. What, he did not know. His crystalline blue eyes were wide open in the candlelight as he reached over to turn on a small gas lamp on his bedside, illuminating the luxurious room he slept in. His slender body rose from his large, lavish bed, naked save for the jewelry he wore on his arms and ears, a thin cotton fabric hanging off his waist as he stepped out into the halls, wandering his palace in search of an outlet for his energy.

Tourist/Photographer X Local

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show. Jeriko smiled and waved as another busload of tourists drove by, all of them taking pictures of the sights around them. He was used to the snapping cameras and foreign accents, living in a tourist destination on the Mediterranean. His English had grown from ‘decent’ to ‘impressive’ within a matter of years, and the twenty-five year old made his money giving tours to whoever asked for it. Jeriko wore a deep blue t-shirt today, complimented with a pair of white-washed jeans and teal sneakers, the usual colorful arrangement to attract attention to his little business, not much more than a time-waster. He saw a tourist approaching, a smile on his face as he greeted them boisterously. “Hello! What can I do for you today, my friend?”

Teacher/Coach/Competitor X Swim Team Captain

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show. Andy rested against one of the walls of the pool, pulling the goggles down off his eyes and letting them rest on his chest. He ran his fingers through his chocolate-colored hair, his emerald eyes scanning the gym. He had decided to come in early before school, the senior deciding that he wasn’t as ready as he could be for the competition next week. He pressed his hair back, squeezing a bit of the moisture out of his messy hair as he pulled himself effortlessly out of the pool. He was lean and strong, his muscles long and toned from swimming, the only piece of clothing on his body a pair of tight swim shorts, barely reaching his thighs and hugging his skin tightly. A door opening signaled someone walking into the gym, and Andy’s head snapped towards the sound. “Who’s there?” He called out. It was too early for anyone to be in the gym. Maybe a janitor?

Slave/Pet X Master OR Master X Slave/Pet

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.Anthony strode through the door, neon sign above advertising ‘Exotic Pets’. A sly nod to a burly-looking man behind the register and a curtain was pulled aside. A steel-barred door was hidden behind the fabric, a set of locks keeping it secured. It was a risky business, the human trafficking business. But he always wanted a slave. It felt like the culmination of his wealth and power, owning another person, human or otherwise. His grey eyes watched behind his expensive sunglasses as the large bouncer twisted and turned locks, six in total, until the first door swung open. A rapid succession of knocks on the second door, and a similar ritual proceeded on the other side, until he was finally allowed to pass through. The room he entered was closer to a warehouse, full of cages on multiple levels and some even suspended from the ceiling. His hands pulled the sunglasses from his eyes, folding them up and tucking them away in his jacket. Wandering the aisle, his eyes scanned over each specimen, pausing from time to time to consider them, reading the little placard of information by each cage until one caught his eye. He waved a guard over, the guard unlocking the cage and letting Anthony step inside. “Well, hello there.” He said with a wry smile.
Anthony knelt in a cell. Well, a cage was more appropriate. Prisoners were kept in cells. He was a slave, an animal. Once powerful, he gambled a fortune and lost, his house, cars, and eventually freedom taken to pay the debt. His hands were tied behind his back, wrists bound in tight leather cuffs that forced his muscular chest out. He wore a ragged pair of pants, the loose fabric hanging low off his hips and, frankly, left him feeling exposed. His mouth was gagged, eyes covered with a blindfold. His ears perked slightly as he heard his cage open, footsteps approaching him from behind. He was put in facing away from the door, he now realized, as a hand ran through his silver locks, sending shivers down his spine.

Super Villain(ess)/Partner/Criminal X Detective

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.Andre scratched his chin, the stubble from the night’s work already starting to irritate him. He was in the station after hours, most of the lights out and only a skeleton crew remaining. Every other officer was out on patrol or responding to emergencies. Andre wore a black button-down shirt and grey slacks, his holster still on his chest, the gun still nestled snugly. He yawned and stretched, the case laid out on the table before him not giving way, no matter how hard he stared. So he resolved to get some coffee. The break room was also empty, and the pot of coffee left there was stale. He took a few minutes to fix himself a fresh batch, pouring himself a mug with cream and sugar before returning towards his desk.

Monster/Thief/Rival X Wandering Adventurer

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show. Jase’s blue eyes scanned the sides of the path he walked, the dense brush along the way an obvious danger if a snake or other monster was hiding and hungry. His outfit was light and airy, an open jacket and thin shirt letting the cool breeze cool him off as the sun beat down overhead. The dagger on his side bounced with his every step, clinking quietly as he walked. Jase was on his way towards the big city, using one of the lesser-known paths to avoid any people that might prey on the wanderers like him. Jase felt like he had outsmarted the system, which is why he was caught off guard as…

Teacher/Police Officer/Parent/Student X Student Skipping Class

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show. Roy laughed, having just arrived at the beach. He and his friends decided to skip out on school, everyone slipping out from the back of the school’s property during first period PE to go to a small beach on the opposite side of town. The group was mixed, guys and girls laughing and joking and flirting with one another as they all walked to the shore. They brought a cooler full of booze, beach towels, umbrellas, chairs, even a volleyball. A half-hour passes, and they get a little drunk, the idea of skinny dipping comes up. Roy was coaxed into it, ditching his blue swim trunks as he ran to the shore, jumping into a wave as it crashed over him. He resurfaced, wiping the salt water from his eyes and opening them.

Priest(ess)/Worshiper/Archeologist X Ancient God

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show. Al-muura lazed about in the heavens, taking pleasure in the warmth of the sunshine, the coolness of the wind, and the silence. He was the god of pleasure, and ancient god. It was his job to be happy, to be content. And to make sure his worshippers were. He wore a flowy white robe, his feet bare as the heavens circulated around them. He got a nagging feeling that one of his temples was suddenly occupied. It wasn’t regular prayer hours, so it must be one of his worshippers in need of guidance. Ever the mischievous one, he didn’t believe in divine messages and omens, opting instead to appear in his temple, replacing one of the stone effigies of him in a puff of sweet-smelling smoke.

God(dess) X Worshipper

Avos knelt at the pedestal of the temple, his head bowed in silent prayer. He was a devout man, constantly worshipping his god. Finishing a prayer, he bent down, kissing the pedestal at the base of the stone statue. It was representative of his god’s foot, the action of kissing showing his respect and his subservience to them. With the third of his prayers being said, Avos bowed once more, touching his forehead to the pedestal. He could hear a faint whooshing, as if the wind howled in the distance. He looked up, the flames of the temple flickering and one by one, turning off. The temple grew silent, the darkness oppressing for a couple of moments before all the fires suddenly re-ignited, brighter and stronger than ever. A whirlwind formed around the central effigy of his god, dust and flames enveloping the proud statue.

Victim X Incubus

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.Ashar could smell it in the air. The hormones, pheromones, whatever humans were calling that sweet, sweet smell these days. Ashar was an ancient demon, and the smell he sensed had many names, but the same end result: a good deal of food for him. He was an incubus, a male sex demon. He fed and grew strong from people’s sexual energies. He didn’t kill people, though. That’d be foolish and would draw attention. He let them live. More often than not, he has fed two or three times on the same people. Instead, he waited until it was late at night, like it was now. Humans were oddly heavy sleepers, and he took advantage of that as he slipped in undetected through a window. He licked his lips sensually as he saw his target laying in a bed, eager for what was to come.

Model X Photographer

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.Andrey adjusted the lens to his camera, waiting for his new shoot. His patience was running thin, the model was more than half an hour late. He had rented out studio space in a large warehouse full of props and costumes, and his model claimed that they were ‘extremely professional and mature’. He checked his watch, scoffing at the memory of them saying that. “Professional my a—“ He paused as he heard the heavy studio door swing open, footsteps echoing from the other side of the backdrop he had set up. “Finally!” He muttered, walking around to the back of the stage. “You’re late.” Was all that he said. “Get ready, and get on stage.” Was all he added, turning back to his camera.

Babysitter X Father

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.Emil had recently divorced his wife, just six months ago. She had been cheating on him since day one, and he had no issue kicking her out. She left him with their girl, though. A two year old who was his whole world. He had gone out on a date tonight, having hired one of the neighbor’s kids to watch over his daughter while he was out. The alcohol hazed his vision a bit, struggling to get the key into the lock, finally managing to open to door to his house and walking inside. It was quiet, the kitchen light and TV the only things on. “I’m here.” He whispered towards the couch. “I hope my daughter wasn’t too much trouble.” He continued, circling around the couch to face the babysitter.

Daugher/Daughter's Friend X Father

Danny was a single father, his wife having left him and his daughter almost three years ago. She was a cruel woman, his ex-wife, manipulative and greedy, and honestly, despite the hardship and heartbreak, he was glad to be rid of her. His energy had been focused into his work and his daughter, being sure to provide for her, economically and personally. She was his life now, he realized as he drove home. He hadn’t even considered dating a woman, much less without talking to his daughter first. Checking his watch, he knew that by now she was home, probably doing homework or something along those lines. He pulled the car into the driveway, already getting comfortable and unbuttoning his shirt, tossing his tie aside. “Sweetie, I’m home!” He called out from the doorway as he opened it.

Younger Sibling X Older Brother

Incredible. The summer road trip Danny and his family usually took was a little cramped this year. So cramped, in fact, that the SUV they were riding in had the middle row completely filled to capacity with luggage and other random crap, stuffing Danny and his younger sibling in the third row, the smaller space cramping the two together. He was nineteen, already considered a man by his parents when it was convenient to them. He was a couple years older than his sibling, currently next to him and doing nothing but squirming and whining. He would give anything to shut them up.

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