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so ya i do have a favorite but you know? there are a lot of gaians out here that are really skilled in one style or another. so, im going through the shops and picking out the ones i like based off style/pricing/samples/and so on.
could be a new shop, could be a temp, could be a old one.
here i go (will continue adding more over time and taken some down if they close)


name your price kind of shop
More Original shop

the art looks so beautiful. i dont know exactly how to describe but beautiful will have to do
chipyun shop

she gives a very good post on cans and wonts, plenty of samples and detailed pricing
A Dreamer\'s Sky

I really liked the 2 full body art she showed. if im right it's water color? (i could be wrong)

like the name of the shops says. well go offer what he hell you want
pay whatever the hell you want

(no really its called that) i got another canada art!! what& 4th? 5th? anywho i like his way. its his first time opening a shop and a goof few amount of gaians like him^^
sucktastic art shop

well its his first time making one and hopefully he will make a permanent
temp shop

ok so if you know of those POP little dolls, she makes the art that looks like them!! how freaking awesome/adorable is that!!! oh fudge, this is by far getting me excited! (deal with it).
little kimalito temp shop

first off, yes that is the name of the shop. But really they look cute and of freak, not only she knew Hetalia, she made me Canada with Kuma in it!!! this is so sweet&&
I say go take a look, she is also very nice

insert cute title here

this one here is joint Shop, with 6 artist(a lot i know)
they each have their own unique styles and its really is amazing when you look at them. So maybe one might not be o your liking but the other 5 could be

Mundus Incantationem

Do you want some mofo adorable chibis? like, extremely mofo adorable chibi, then this is the shop for you. All her samples (which she has in order) made me want every single Canada picture i have made from her!!(bu that would be a lot so only one) GO GET SOME MOFO ADORABLE ART!!!!
chibi shop

the prices are low and cheap but the quality of art is really good! Guess who got another Canada art^^. you can see mine in the sample (try to guess which one it is)
but anywho. For those that want art but honestly don't have gold on you, this is the shop for you

sky\'s art dump

well guess who just got the last slot^^ i was just wondering around the artshop when this one caught my eye(mostly for the username) and well another Canada art, but this will be my first COUPLE CANADA ART!!!* excitement intensified*
once she is done with a piece of art a slot opens.
EDIT: I LOVE THIS!! I FUDGING LOVE HOW IT CAME OUT!!! she gave 2P! canada a softer side and i love it^^

iggys yummy shop

ok so this artist was away from gaia and when she came back BAM!!! gold prices went through the roof! so she is making art but for those that cant afford that nice looking one. and dont try to think you can trick her into get nice art for cheap because if you read the first post hen you know, she wont accept lies as payment
affordable experimental

nothing like good old pen and paper art. I really do like how my Canada came out^^ pretty new but got some orders in already. come on by and have a good time
Lucky\'s Bride shop

ok so Lokianna has started a little art shop and i mus say the samples look nice. nothing fancy (a she states) but i like them, its...i dont want to say simple more like...they look cozy? doesnt make sense, sorry but her art looks pretty^^
chibis anyone?

One word: breathe taking. I decided with avi art and not Canada art on this one. but nonetheless it took my breathe away when I got my art. I will go there again very likely^^. Her pricing is reasonable and affordable. so go in and see what you think.
cheshires lovely ladies

There are 2 artist in this one and it's fairly new. Please follow the simple instructions when you enter. I am so happy to get another Canada art!! I hope to go there again!
zombie kitty doodlez

Guess who got herself a new Canada art? Give up? ITS ME!! This mofo made him look freaking kawaii as fudge!! of my freak&& the samples look adorable and the other art she has done is great also! you can pay her in animal items. thats what I did. And you can bet your last chocolate that I will go back to her again
help a poor kitty

Its the name of the shop BUT IT IS AWESOME!!! oh freaking fudge it is. He made Canada look Majestic as fudge! I gave a bit more because it look so great! He doesnt have a set price and because he doesnt feel confident in his work, its more of ,you-pay-the-amount-you-think-the-art-is-worth,shop. Well guess who will become a regular^^
noob art

Really new shop. Let me say THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH HER TRADITIONAL ART!! I mean have you seen her samples? the way they are colored looks awesome!!! I got Canada art, but not just any Canada art (wait for it.....) CANADA WITH KUMAJIRO!!!!>< ok I'm getting over excited, deal with it. Go in and see if her style is the type for you. (before I end this, yes she does have digital but I fell in love with her hand drawn samples)
bambi avi art shop

chibi or not, color or not. those are the options but with a good amount of samples for you to decide whether are not to go in. my canada art is in page 18. He looks rather adorable. Though I will admit this is a shop that seems a bit pricey (it was my first time spending that amount on art be it avi or canada) So if you don't mind spending that much or if you are on of those kind of people that will splurge when the moment seems good, Take a look here and see if it's for you
aroused nintendo shop

Art shops i have a request in place and waiting for results. Will review once art is done but do please go in and see if it's to your liking
elsas uber cheap art

tempting delights

Bunph\'s shop

avi and oc art

voids cheep o temp bribe shop

experimental and sketches


lil raisin traditional art