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W.F.F. (Wrestling Female Federation) The best of the best has just made impact!
Busshu no Kaeru!!! Episode 1 "The girl...."
Story:In the world of Krone,a battle for humanity rages on.The struggle is real,as the newly awakened amphibian-like demons,The Faragos.
Against the peace driven,slayers of evil,the Humans.In a battle that has long pasted the 100 year mark,and at the point some humans have lost hope that this war will never end.
But there is still hope,the next generation,the academy of Gaol currently teaching the heroes of tomorrow to stand up and fight so that one day they too could become a member of "Inyuya's army".
And maybe one day,bring peace to an era which has now been dubbed,
"The Amphibias"....

On the streets of Gyliyan,a girl with light blue hair drives the streets on a hover scooter-"C'mon move it people!Ya'll don't got lives so stop hogging up the streets!"
Just then she takes out a small compass and looks at it.
????:"Hm,looks like I'm heading the right direction..."Her head turned to a route down an ally.
"Looks like I'm heading there next,huh?....OKAY THEN,LETS DO THIS!!!"She blasted forward.
Meanwhile,in Gaol Academy.A man was talking to students,he wore a long black trench coat with a insignia on the back,pulled back brown hair and a twig in his mouth.
"Okay,now I want you all to try extra hard tomorrow.Your all gonna need to be P's and Q's from this day forward.And I really look forward to seeing your progression."
All the students started getting up from their seats.

One of the students,a boy by the name of Usagi,who had black hair and two ear ring pierces in both ears,thought to himself-"This is it.....this is where all my training will pay off...."
He went to walk off when someone called his name.
He turned around to see a friend of his,a girl with blonde puffy hair and

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