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A New Apath
A few days ago I came across a new Apath and started to use it. I at first just assumed I could make it my own and that it would be like every other one I've used before but, I was wrong. This is a whole new kind of Apath to me. It is a shared Apath and is used by more then one person at a time.

In this Apath you can hear voices from all over the universe at one time. While doing this Apath, you must know your place. Number one thing about this one, you are not in total control of it, it doesn't belong to anyone and no one is more powerful then anyone else in this. We are all one and must work together as such when using this Apath.

I call this a Joined Apath. It is also a bit complex and is what I consider 'a piece of work' because you have to actually focus correctly and not mess up at all. If you mess up on one part, you feel it, just like in any other Apath. In this Apath, I feel that everyone wants to be heard and is heard. No one's 'voice' is louder than anyone else's. In this Apath, everyone seems to be a representation of their own issues and everyone is clear that they are there to do something about whatever existing issues.

When I take part of this Apath, I am clear on my own issues as well. The state of planet Earth and other planets and realms tied to it. Also, my own personal issues, the fact that I need to awaken to have my life back and most importantly, be with my companions. Now that I think of it, perhaps this Apath isn't just one that can be a representation of everyone's and whoever's issues, but it could also be a solution to them all as well.

I still have not learned to use the energy from the Apath directly. I know that this is the first Apath I've ever used that does not have PinPoint. PinPoints are the strongest parts of an Apath.

I feel it is a great honor to get to use this magnificent Apath.

What the ******** is all this crap I'm spewing? Well, never you mind then. let's just go with 'it's all part of her madness' then. I'm sick of explaining things over and over. I have enough in my journal entries. I always answer any direct questions so yeah.

Eehh. Why write all this if no one understands? Why be a 'riddler?' I document all these things for myself, for those that know me and all this crap, and just for anyone else that might be interested in whatever random s**t like this. Whatever I guess. Ramble ramble. =>


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