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Marlove Oakguard was born of a human father and elven mother, but raised with two human parents, and grew up in the metropolis of Sing, capital city of the kingdom of Iberien- a mixing pot of sorts but predominantly ruled and populated by humans. Her father Searil was a well-respected merchant and trader who catered to the aristocrats of Sing, and was able to support comfortably his family: his wife Erista (human), his daughter Marlove, and his son Jorun (Marlove's younger brother of two years). The identity of Marlove's elven mother is not spoken of and Searil insists that it isn't of importance. The topic brings no discomfort to the family when spoken of. Marlove and her father have a distant relationship at best as he is away on business mostly. Marlove and her mother frequently clash. Marlove considered her brother Jorun her closest friend and ally.

As a child, Marlove was chatty and precocious, possessing a keen mind to languages and learning. This quick wit drew the attention of royal scholars who then asked Searil permission to mentor her... thinking she would make a good diplomat or better merchant/trader than her father if trained early. Marlove took to the learning like a fish to water, and before long could speak and understand several dialects of Common and additional languages- Dwarven, Elven, and Giant. Her studies have progressed into the ancient language of Runic for appraising valuable artifacts and scrolls, but she has far from mastered it. Marlove continues to study languages and history. As much as she has studied though, Marlove knows little of 'the great outdoors' or simple survival skills... her companions in Battle Valley think her a little bit of a primadona because she abhors sleeping on the bare ground (too dirty), wading/crossing swamps and rivers (too slimy), and any sort of foul smelling monster den.

Though it seemed Marlove was destined for trading and diplomacy, in her youth she was visited in a dream by an avatar of the Morninglord Lathander, deity of the dawn, creation, renewal, and vitality... and told that she was destined to bring peace to the quarreling races of Iberien through her skills in diplomacy, tolerance, and justice. The avatar instructed her that she needed to learn ways of the healer in addition to her language and history study, and that in order to succeed she must be true to Lathander's dogma...

"Strive always to aid, to foster new hope, new ideas, and new prosperity for all humankind and its allies. Perfect thyself, and guard ever against pride, for it is a sacred duty to foster new growth, nurture growing things, and work for rebirth and renewal. Be fertile in mind and in body. Consider always the consequences of thine actions so that the least effort may bring the greatest and best reward. Wherever you go, sow seeds of plants, tend the growing things you find, and plant seeds of hope, new ideas, and plans for a rosy future in the minds of all. Whenever possible, see each dawn"

... she did not believe it at first, but when she woke, she found she had been 'marked' by Lathander with the symbol of a sun inside her left palm. Marlove was unsure of herself, having received plenty of flak for being 'a b*****d child' of an 'unusual interspecies union' ... but resolved to try in order to make life better for all of the races - particularly 'halfbreeds' of Iberien. She progressed well in healing and herbalism.

It was one day in her teens that Marlove's close friend and mentor Belneiros Dragonsbane, the court priest, had an assassination attempt made on his life. Afflicted by an exotic poison, Marlove was not certain on how exactly to save him, but had a hunch of what components to mix... she did nothing though feeling she was too inexperienced... and though under 'more professional care', Belneiros died. Lost in grief, Marlove poured through countless tomes to determine whether or not her 'hunch' would have proven beneficial or not. She never received an answer but punishes herself and laments that she was supposed to 'strive always to aid' but did not. Marlove has since gone out of her way to aid, friend or foe, and live closely by the rule to do no harm. She abhors violence and bloodshed... Battle Valley's singular rule troubles her though... 'she must fight when commanded to fight' ... but wonders if she can flex the rules and fight with her wits rather than with warrior ways.

Marlove can be vain and petty in terms of appearances wishing not to be 'tainted' by blood, sweat, or dirt... and comes off as whiny, spiteful, and arrogant. She never forgets an injustice done to her, friend or foe, and generally executes payback in non-violent but vindictive manner. Due to her aristocratic upbringing, her companions find her a little out of touch with reality and concerns herself more with political and religious matters than survival, combat, or social skills. Her fondest wish is to find out what poison killed Belneiros, its cure, and summon him from the afterlife to apologize for her negligence. Her hobbies and interests include botany, singing, and storytelling. She has a tendency to exaggerate.

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