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Boys Suck
I know my boyfriend loves me, and this is just me venting.

I don't really understand his logic in saying that my being upset for him leveling without me on a game makes me a b***h. We decided to play maplestory together, and instead of actually WAITING for me and doing things WITH me like we said we were going to do, he runs off and does half the quests without me. I have a laptop that's a few years old. It's nice, but it's not as nice as his ******** pimped out nice computer that he's built. It CAN'T be because I don't have that kind of money, and neither do my parents. So when my game lags, or takes a while to load, he ******** blames it on me and complains that I am too slow for him. He says he's just teasing, and he'll stop if it bothers me. I tell him it's bothering me, and what does he do? He keeps going.

Today, I told him I was behind him in quests and to please WAIT. What does he do? He runs off and does multiple quests, gaining experience and, frankly, not giving two shits about what I had said.

What the ******** Sam

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