Well, I tried my luck at bidding in the Marketplace today. I wanted Benny the Puppy and Bongo the Ferret (or something like that) really bad. Someone had placed a bid for 2g, so I went 5g. We had a little fun bantering back and forth, but before I knew it I was walking home empty-handed and the other bidders were probably scratching their heads wondering why they paid 10,000g for an animal that sits on their head?? (Hopefully that's all they do on their heads...)

Yesterday must have been a fluke, because I got Bape Cow for 3g. Now I'm wondering what the heck is the matter with this cow?? Do I have to give it my first born in return? Bye Starah...its been real.

I guess I'll go see what's shakin' in the Marketplace again. Maybe I can bid on that Unicorn poop or something... rofl