Dean woke up with his head on a pillow. He slowly sat up, sore from yesterday's wolf encounter. He looked to his left, to see Sam still asleep sprawled out on the other full-sized bed. It was still dark, but Dean couldn't go back to sleep. The brothers were in Apple Valley, Minnesota. Dean got out of bed and walked over to the small table in the cheap motel. He sat down in a chair right by it. Dean was starting to miss Cas. He hasn't seen Cas in about two weeks, and Dean wanted his winged friend to spend more time with him.
"Cas? You there?" Dean began, "I'm in Apple Valley, Minneso-" But Cas already showed up right in front of Dean. Dean stood up and smiled. "Hey, Cas."
Cas smiled back. "Hello, Dean." Castiel reached out for a hug, and Deal accepted it. Castiel and Dean sat at the table and Dean drank a beer. They both talked to each other and filled each other in on what has been happening. Soon the sun rose, and Sam eventually woke up. He sat up in his bed and looked at Dean and Castiel.
"So, you two love birds on a date, huh?" Sam said with a joking smile. Casteil blushed and looked over to Dean.
"Sam, don't be a b***h. Me and Castiel have just been talking while Sleeping Beauty has been snoring for the past two hours." Dean replied. Castiel chuckled at that one. "Who's Sleeping Beauty? I don't understand." Dean looked at him, and just rolled his eyes while smiling.
"Dean, be careful. You're blushing so much your face look like a tomato." Sam said. Dean got a bit embarrassed.
"I'm going out for a ride." Dean said "Anyone wanna come?"