I'm a fan of Digimon. Everyone knows this, I'm sure. It's no secret. ;3 My favorite two are of course Tai and Izzy...I like to imagine them, older, in college together...having their first kiss...going on dates in the digi world...and of course, sneaking into bed together. heart
Tai pulled the covers off the bed, gently, so as to not wake the red headed man sleeping only a few inches away. Slowly, he made his way onto the mattress, laying down beside the resting figure--his boyfriend, Izzy. With a smile, Tai reached out to brush his hand alongside Izzy's face. He could faintly make out an impression of a computer key on his cheek. Tai chuckled, leave it to Izzy to fall asleep on his laptop before finally making it into bed. Without warning, two arms wrapped themselves around Tai's neck as a pair of soft lips planted themselves on Tai's mouth. The kiss made his heart stop and yet, it fluttered madly in its frozen state.

"Izzy, you jerk. You weren't asleep at all were you?" Tai whispered teasingly, pressing the man's body closer to his own. Izzy, who was of course waiting for Tai, merely winked in response. "Tentamon got yer tongue, eh?" Tai grinned, pressing his face against Izzy's. "...Cause I want it." With that, Tai kissed Izzy deeply, running his fingers through his lover's ginger locks. They remained in a passionate embrace for the rest of the night.

heart redface Might write more later