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Kohana's Journal of Various Things
Creatures of Hell

Hellhounds are voracious, tenacious, and intelligent. Once a hound has the scent of its target, it has it for life and will never give up the hunt until one or the other is dead, or unless its master calls it off. They can be clever, almost impossible to trick or distract, and are not disinclined to improvisation in order to get to their prey. Hellhounds will often physically rip their victims to shreds in order to collect their souls. In some cases, however, their mere presence is enough to literally scare people to death. Other times, the victims will be driven to commit suicide. They appear as ferocious black dogs with red eyes. They vary in size, ranging from standard large-sized dogs, to that of a small horse. They generate some kind of black aura around themselves, making them appear made of shadows. As dogs, they are loyal, and answer only to the demons they serve; they cannot be swayed or bargained with, either.


A revenant is a form of undead that is created when a powerful demon, usually of desire or pride, possesses a corpse (usually that of a corrupted Holy Man). They have access to some forms of magic, usually of utilitarian nature, which assist its primarily-martial fighting style.

Foot Soldiers - Genlocks

Most numerous of the darkspawn by far, genlocks are tough and stocky fighters with a penchant for wickedly hooked axes. Unlike the majority of their brethren, they are swift to take up the more complicated weapons of their enemies, employing siege engines in battle and using clever traps to defend any terrain they control.


An abomination is a creature often created when a demon possesses a living being with magical abilities. An abomination has access to a magic users full power, and is thus typically far more dangerous than any other type of possession.The possession is not physical – the demon is still in Hell, but so is the user's spirit, and the demon is able to control the body through that captive spirit like a puppet. The demon channels its power through the body, sees through the captive's eyes and is able to use magic in ways the captive would have never imagined. However, the experience of entering the physical realm is overwhelming to the weaker demons, and abominations are often driven mad by the unfamiliar sensations, turning into monstrosities and going on a rampage. The most powerful demons are able to adapt to the new form and even maintain the original physical shape of their host in particular, when the possession is accepted willingly. Some demons also have the ability of shapeshifting.


Jarjara, a bone drake of knowledge and wisdom, serves as the Royal Adviser. He has the ability to manipulate the dead.


The Chernabog is a magical, gargoyle like creature with a knack for finding and consuming the heart of a person with the greatest potential for evil. Thus keeping the true evil at heart, out of the world and out of Dark Kohana's way to her goal.

Hell Trackers

Liers and cheats in life, Kohana has recreated these damned souls into twisted and mangled flesh that walks as a mute and without thoughts of their own beneath armor she styled off a favored movie Humans like. They often serve as a kennel masters for the hounds, or work along side the beasts to collect the damned souls from the living.

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