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Heaven and Hell
"INTRUDER!" A man yelled, drawing his weapon. Blood spattered the floor as he fell easily to a stranger, wrapped in a heavy blue, silver, and black coat. His face hidden, but for his silver eyes and tanned skin. His boots made a dull click as he walked through the stone corridors. A taller woman with long blond hair trailed behind him. Her red lips pouted in worry as she fiddled with something in her hands. Blood dripping from her well manicured nails. Her heals made more sound than the man before her. "Kunia, are we almost there?" She asked. Two more men in uniform came at them. Without touching either of them, they seemed to fall into bloody pieces before the two. "Hush Achine." Kunia's eyes widened as he reached the large door. "We're here." He breathed as he pushed open the door.

The room inside was large and held a giant crystal that was lit from above with a brilliant blue light. Within the crystal was a woman. Her hair long and dark, falling in waves over her right shoulder. The dress she wore was simple and tattered and exposed the top of her left breast where a small black cross had been burned into her skin. Kunia looked up at the woman, her arms wrapped in chains, though she didn't move. Her eyes closed as if in a deep sleep. He stepped forward, tears in his eyes as he rested a hand upon the crystal. "My lady." He breathed. "It has been far too long...."


Setsuna rolled over in bed, his light brown hair tousled from sleep. He mumbled something incoherent as he tried to wiggle his face into his pillow to avoid the sun... SUN!?!? He shot up in bed and looked at his clock. "s**t!" He jumped out of bed and hopped into the shower. A quick scrub to make him smell clean, he was dressed and out his bedroom door. His roommate and best friend was on the couch watching tv. Kira looked up, his black hair tied in a little pony tail at the base of his neck. His hair wasn't even long enough to hold all of it. "Sleep in again?" "Shuddup!" Sestuna grumbled at him. Kira laughed. "Give her my best."

He had slept in on the date that him an his girlfriend had set up for their year anniversary. It had been a while since they had seen each other. Kira and him had gotten an apartment so they could go to school, and it wasn't as if he had been qualified to go to the school that his girlfriend had been accepted to. He had gotten a school close to it, but it still was hard to get to see her. Today was saturday and the sun was shining bright as he hopped into his car and drove down to the little ice-cream parlor that they had had their first date at in high school. He pulled up and threw it into park. He got out, running his hand through his still damp hair, his bright green eyes searching for the one who always took his breath away.

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