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Three Princes
In a kingdom not so far away, lived three princes with their father the king. Each had their own role to play within the kingdom, though they were so very different. The eldest was, Kira. He was tall, his hair black against his pale skin, his eyes a deep green like his mothers and in his twenty-fourth year. He was in line for the throne, so he stood straight like his father and spoke very little, although when he did, it was of great importance. Many of the maids feared him simply because of the silence that seemed to surround him.

The middle child was Michael, blond and blue eyed, much like the king himself. He was the opposite of Kira. Loud, jovial and just twenty-one, he could be caught drinking in many of the taverns around the kingdom with the heaviest of drinkers. Michael also had a way with women. Being a smooth talker, there was a rumor in the village that if your daughter went missing for an evening, her panties would belong in the blond prince's collection.

The youngest brother was Cain, light brown hair that had a touch of red to it fell into chocolate brown eyes. His birth nineteen years ago had been a cause of scandal. The thought being, since he didn't look like his mother or father, he belonged to someone else. However, the dates matched and Cain was able to keep the name of a prince. No one really watched him like the others. He was the youngest after all and had no hope for a throne unless he were to marry a princess from another kingdom who was the only heir. However, he didn't mind. While the gossip of the kingdom was on Michael and the hushed whispers in the palace were on Kira, he was able to do as he pleased.

That evening was a ball, held for the opening of the summer season. The grand ballroom was decorated in golds and silvers. White linens with beautiful flower arrangements in the center decorated every table. Women in stunning dresses that they had saved or bought brand new for the season all glimmered and swished lightly against the floor. A live band was playing in the corner of the room next to the large dance floor. Outside, the sun was just setting, casting a beautiful red orange glow across the white marble floor and pillars. Servants went around, lighting candles for the approaching evening in the garden and in the ball room. Other servants were walking about with trays of finger food and drinks of all kinds. A grand stair case lead up to a balcony where the king sat, watching with a glass of wine in hand.

The princes were mingling about the floor. Cain, laughing easily with some of the young men around the kingdom, a few young ladies hanging about waiting to be asked to dance, but laughing politely at the conversation. Michael was upon the dance floor, moving effortlessly with one of his potentials. Smooth and charming as he always was, he was looking for someone new in the crowd something that would catch his interest. Kira stood next to the king, straight backed and nervous. Tonight was the opening season, but it was also the night his proposal to the princess Katherine would be answered. If she arrived this evening, they would be married within a few weeks. If she didn't.... Well, then she didn't. He had never met the girl, and she was the only heir to her father's throne. His father had pushed him to do so for want of her land. Having children in royalty was only to have chips to play when it came to land and money. Kira understood this. It didn't change the fact he was nervous of marrying someone he didn't know.

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