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Notes and Scribbles~
All the things I'd like to write. Feel free to read anytime, and I try to update when I can~ though sometimes I'll have more or less to say, but that's okay isn't it?
sad/ bad news
So a week or so ago my dad was planning on going to vietnam over the summer. So then a day or so ago, my mom was explaining how my grandparents (her parents) are getting old and that she should visit them and stuff.

And then today on my way home from school, i told her i didnt want to go to vietnam (didnt tell her why cuz of course shed be thinking something along the lines of its unreasonable or its silly or its stupid. ill list my reasons soon). but then my mom said she and my dad were going and that i can't stay at home alone over the summer and stuff. T^T well that sucks. maybe. here's why (and these are also my reasons that i stayed up late last night thinking and debating about):

A) there might not be internet in vietnam, all day, everyday, at whatever place im staying at (im guessing my aunt's). vietnam is kinda a poor country so idk if ppl can afford internet all the time for their computers/ laptop (if they even have any)

B) due to the above reason.... no gaia, no youtube, no skype, no etc... basically means my life of having no life is gone. so im as good as dead. and if i dont get to be with my friends and, well, someone else ./////. , then i dont really wanna do anything. ill just sulk around and get all depressed.

C) although, if there is internet, my life isnt over =w=; though i doubt i could go on everyday so meh.

im not exactly giving up all hope of staying here over the summer though. hopefully i wont have to go overseas to some other country whose language i dont even speak that well (and yes, my vietnamese is terrible XD lol). i dont wanna leave gaia for possibly over a month ; A ; ill die. not literally. but probably emotionally or something. but if there is internet, im alive, and maybe well. =w= if theres not, ill just try to survive in some sort of sad loneliness, unless i can go see some dogs over there and pet them and stuff. ill probably go shopping since stuff there is cheap too, and maybe ill take some photos. but really, id rather stay home with gaia and internet every day and be able to talk to some ppl <3

at least summer wont be until three months though... ill hope for the best and try to see what i can do though. okay? ^^ okay. <3 if i have to go though, then i hope ppl wont forget about me and stuff ; A ; but oh well. the time hasnt come yet so i shouldnt worry about it too much. =w= cya later then~

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