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Addium's Journal
Chance Items I Owned (A-B)
Here is a list of all the chance items I owned on my previous account.

*Items Uncrossed: Lost During Banning
*Items Crossed: Own
*Items NEW!: Never Owned On Previous Account But Now Own

Pre-Banning: Before February 22, 2014
Post Banning: After February 22, 2014

A Manner of Speech (September 29, 2015) NEW!
[Animal] Acornut Mood Bubble NEW!

A Touch of Color (January 17, 2015) NEW!
Chocolate Cherry Social NEW! *Exclusive*

A Wish Upon An Astra (March 21, 2015) NEW!
Astra: Dancing Toy Junior the Shark NEW!
Astra: Glowing Azure Breeze NEW
Astra: Red Glowing Forehead Diamond NEW!
Astra: Yellow Glowing Forehead Circle NEW!

Adventure Time (March 20, 2012)
Candy Kingdom
Demon Cat
Finn and Jake's Tree Fort
Finn Companion
Ice King Companion
Ice Kingdom
Ice Queen
Ice Queen Companion
Jake the Magical Dog
Lady Rainicorn Companion
LSP Companion
Lumpy Space Princess
Marceline Bat Companion
Marceline Companion
Marceline the Vampire Queen
Marceline's Cave House
Marshall Lee
Marshall Lee Companion NEW
No Worms on the Bed
Party Pat
Party Pat Companion
Princess Bubblegum
Princess Bubblegum Companion
Princess Collection
Prince Gumball
Prince Gumball Companion
SDSuper AT06 Lady Rainicorn NEW
SDSuper AT12 Gumball NEW
Susan Strong Companion
The Ice King

Always Tea Time (September 3, 2014) NEW!
Dichromatic Rabbit Nurse NEW
Flowing Lucid Daydream NEW
Flowing Lucid Fantasy NEW
Flowing Lucid Trance NEW
Haigha's Insanity NEW
Haigha's Tomfoolery NEW
Hostess of Unreasonable Tea NEW
House of Mysteries NEW
Sable Delight NEW
The Foolhardy Hatter NEW
The Impetuous Hatter NEW
The Jabberwock Rejuvenated NEW
The Jabberwock Rekindled NEW

Angelic Flight (June 2, 2015) NEW!
Prima's Brilliant Halo NEW
Prima's Frozen Halo NEW

Angelic Paradise (March 9, 2015) NEW!
Forbidden Neo Angel's Thesis NEW!
Refined Holy Gauntlets NEW!
Solemn One Winged Angel NEW!

Ancient Chest (November 30, 2007)
Groucho Glasses
Mood Bubble: Angelic
Mood Bubble: Demonic
Pineapple Hat
Tuga the Narwhal Plush

Animal Quackers (November 23, 2009)
Amber Seahorse Tail
Animal Cracker Buddies
Apep Cobra Armor
Aquamarine Seahorse Tail
Big Game Trophy
Boa Constrictor
Carlos the Alpaca NEW
Compound Eye Goggles
Coonskin Cap
Elephantine Guard
Flight of the Macaw
Krankles the Kiwi
La Dragonne
Leopard Couture
Noble Plumage NEW
Obsidian Seahorse Tail
Order of the Iron Rhino
Peyo Mascot Suit
Prince Patchouli
Princess the Piglet
Red Squirrel Cosplay
SDPlus #009 Rina NEW
SDPlus #52 Rancher Bill NEW
SDPlus #101 Radio Jack NEW
SDPlus #110 Capella NEW
SDPlus #116 Pork Wizard NEW
SDPlus #120 Carl NEW
SDPlus #164 The Overseer NEW
SDPlus #165 The Sentinel NEW
Shark Tooth Sword
Skunk Cosplay
Squirrel Cosplay
The Gator
Tippy the Tapir
Wild Dawn
Zookeeper's Jacket

Another Day In Town (August 25, 2015) NEW!
Aekean Wizarding School NEW
Bartonerin Wizarding School NEW
Durem Wizarding School NEW
Gambinador Wizarding School NEW
Jack's Barton Attitude NEW
Jack's Durem Attitude NEW
Jack's Gambino Attitude NEW

Arcana Break (April 6, 2011)
Aqueous Page of Cups
Brave Temperance
Chariot of Bloody Conquest
Crimson Marionette NEW
Delicate Death NEW
Fortune's Fool
Gremalkin NEW
High Priestess of Night NEW
Infinite World NEW
King of Wands
Laced Blessings NEW
Lady Justice's Armor NEW
Luxurious Queen of Pentacles
Madame Seer
Mint Chocolate Queen of Cups
Mint King of Cups
Mobius Magician
Path of Luna
Pimp King of Pentacles
Princess of Swords
Red Velvet Queen of Cups
Royal King of Cups
SDPlus #280 Velvetine NEW
SDPlus #281 Fondue NEW
SDPlus #282 Sundae NEW
SDPlus Real S41 crossbon
SDPlus Real S43 shavostars NEW
SDPlus Real S44 Eldritch Zetallis NEW
Starlit Promise NEW
Sword King
The Adumbral Empress NEW
The Compassionate Strength
The Lovers NEW
The Scintillant Emperor
The Suspended Traitor NEW
Velvetine's Reading NEW
Vibrant Sunshine
Wandering Hermit
Wheel of Chance

Arcane Chevalier (April 8, 2015) NEW!
[Animal] Cunning Fencer's Salute (Animal) NEW!
[Animal] Rock That Chirp (Animal) NEW!
Avian Ritualist NEW!
Blind Monk NEW!
Coldhearted Caster NEW
Dove's Remedy NEW!
Father Superior NEW!
Moe Apprentice NEW!
Roaming Rhapsody NEW!
Rock That Chirp NEW!
Royal Assassin NEW!
Travelling Merchant NEW!
Vendor of Things NEW!

Arctic Atmosphere(December 15, 2014)
Astra: Cabin Getaway NEW
Astra: Cabin Getaway Snowglobe NEW
Astra: Daytime Holiday Porch NEW
Astra: Hot Cup of Holiday Coffee NEW
Astra: Rose Luminous Butterflies NEW

Astra Metamorphosis(September 22, 2011)
Astra-17: Deathly Whisper NEW
Astra-19: Cruel Night Wings NEW
Astra-22: Monarch Wings NEW
Astra-25: Petite Glasswings NEW
Astra-26: Frayed Crimson Wings NEW
Astra-27: Clockwork Wings NEW
Astra-29: Royal Indigo Wings NEW
Astra-30: Sugar Cookie Delight
Astra-31: Crystal Wings NEW
Astra-32: Faetek Wings NEW
Astra-33: Lunar Moth NEW
Astra-34: Prismatic Promise NEW
Astra: Divine Illumination NEW
Astra: Rainbow Radiance NEW

Astra Metamorphosis Deux (August 30, 2012)
Astra-40: Roseate Monarch Wings NEW
Astra-41: Tyrian Purple Wings NEW
Astra-43: Origami Dream
Astra-44: Crimson Faetek Wings
Astra-45: Glass Rose Wings NEW
Astra-48: Flish Wings NEW
Astra-51: Acid Arachnaweb Wings
Astra-52: Albino Moth Wings NEW
Astra 53: Blood Torn Wings NEW
Astra-54: Summer Leaf Wings NEW
Astra-55: Autumn Leaf Wings
Astra-56: Endless Night Wings NEW
Astra-57: Wings of the Cosmos NEW
Astra: Antique Lacewings NEW
Astra: Dark Spectrum NEW
Astra: Ebony Skeletal Wings NEW

Attention to De-Tails (March 14, 2014) NEW
Astra: Waving Momoko Cat Tail NEW
Astra-156: Waving Tabby Tiger Tail NEW
Astra-157: Waving Blood Red Tiger Tail NEW
Astra-158: Waving Cute Pink Tiger Tail NEW
Astra-159: Waving Orange Tiger Tail NEW
Astra-160: Waving Black Cat Tail NEW
Astra-161: Waving Pink Cat Tail NEW
Astra-162: Waving Blood Red Cat Tail NEW
Astra-163: Waving Cream Cat Tail NEW
Astra-164: Waving Cobalt Cat Tail NEW
Astra-165: Waving Grey Cat Tail NEW
Astra-166: Waving Light Brown Cat Tail NEW
Astra-168: Waving White Cat Tail NEW
Astra-169: Waving Grey and White Cat Tail NEW
Astra-170: Waving Black and White Cat Tail NEW
Astra-171: Waving Brown and White Cat Tail NEW
Astra-176: Swishing Brown Wolf Tail NEW
Astra-178: Swishing Red and White Fox Tail NEW
Astra-179: Swishing Black and White Fox Tail NEW
Astra-181: Swishing Pink and White Fox Tail NEW
Astra: Swishing Light Blue Fox Tail NEW
Astra: Swishing Light Brown Wolf Tail NEW
Astra: Whipping Blood Red Devil Tail NEW
Astra: Whipping Toxic Devil Tail NEW

Awakening Fairy (April 28, 2015) NEW
Leviathan's Frigid Rampage NEW

Azrael's Trickbox (October 19, 2009)
Anurla's Amulet
Ballad of Orpheus
Charon's Vessel
Cloak of the Dead
Day of the Dead
Dewy the Homicidal Ferret
Form of Arachna NEW
Frigid Night Jewel
George's Pipe
Grandiose Imports
Green Geist Black Candle
Lucky the Cat NEW
Midnight Kei NEW
Nightfall Soiree
Orange Geist Black Candle
Pale Marionette NEW
Plague Noir
Purple Geist Black Candle
Raging Night Jewel
SDPlus #006 Moira
SDPlus #023 Devin
SDPlus #025 Liam
SDPlus #028 The Masque NEW
SDPlus #048 Timmy
SDPlus #050 Flynn
SDPlus #051 Lance
SDPlus #117 Grown-up Timmy NEW
SDPlus #149 Jack NEW
SDPlus #197 Stein NEW
SDPlus #200 Admin NEW
Skullheads NEW
Ted and Dusky
Valhalla's Eternal Armor

Back To Fashion School (September 10, 2015) NEW
[Animal] Sweet Candy Pop NEW
Candy Flower Chic NEW
Gentle Whisper NEW
Letters for Beatrice NEW
Over the Stars NEW
Silent Stealth Killer NEW
Zip Limit NEW

Bang Bang (May 6, 2014) NEW
Cool Blind Death's Ponytails NEW
Cool Cutie Pigtails NEW
Cool Fabled Fox's Locks NEW
Hocus's Cool Angelic Hair NEW
Hocus's Light Angelic Hair NEW
Pisces's Cool Bangs NEW
Pisces's Dark Bangs NEW
Pisces's Light Bangs NEW
Pocus's Warm Devil Hair NEW
Warm Cutie Pigtails NEW

Be My Valentine (February 14, 2015) NEW
Astra: Candlelit Evening NEW
Astra: Lavender Heart Confetti NEW
Astra: Red Heart Confetti NEW
Black Rose Romance NEW
Courtly Romance NEW
H's and K's NEW
Red Rose Romance NEW
Royal Romance NEW

Beach Party Blast (June 25, 2014) NEW
Astra: Cookie Tumble NEW
Astra: Rich Breeze NEW

Beautiful Guardian Styles (November 15, 2014) NEW
Cool Abracadabra Pon Puffs NEW
Cool Brilliant Maiden Style NEW
Cool Neo Queen's Lunar Locks NEW
Cool Racing Lover NEW
Cool Sugar Star Kiss Curls NEW
Cool Supreme Thunder NEW
Cool Time Guardian NEW
Cool V is for Victory Locks NEW
Cool Violinist's Soft Wavy Locks NEW
Dark Abracadabra Pon Puffs NEW
Dark Brilliant Maiden Style NEW
Dark Neo Queen's Lunar Locks NEW
Dark Racing Lover NEW
Dark Time Guardian NEW
Dark V is for Victory Locks NEW
Dark Violinist's Soft Wavy Locks NEW
Light Abracadabra Pon Puffs NEW
Light Racing Lover NEW
Light Supreme Thunder NEW
Light Time Guardian NEW
Light Violinist's Soft Wavy Locks NEW
Warm Racing Lover NEW
Warm Supreme Thunder NEW
Warm Time Guardian NEW
Warm Violinist's Soft Wavy Locks NEW

Best Friend Forever (October 4, 2010)
Baby-kun the Kitty NEW
Breakfast the Calico NEW
Chelsy the Collie NEW
Frankie the Mongrel
Fufu the Bunny NEW
Pancake the Bunny NEW
Rascal the Alley Cat NEW
Sparky the Terrier

Bitter Frost (December 8, 2010)
Ace Meow
Arion the Pegasus
Benevolent Bakeneko NEW
Boto Encantado
Crystal Parol
Fafnir the Dragon NEW
Fairy Ring
Father's Armor
Faust's Curse
Galahad of Templar
Gavle Goat
Jack Frost
Jade Rabbit NEW
Lady Unicorn NEW
La Syphide NEW
Momotaro no Uta
Ornate Snowflake
Painful Cold
Prince of Icy Thieves
Ring Around the Rosie
SDPlus #064 Ol' Nick NEW
SDPlus #065 Ol' Ebenezer NEW
SDPlus #218 Princess Kaguya NEW
SDPlus #254 Fafnir NEW
SDPlus #255 La Dragonne NEW
SDPlus #256 Bacchus NEW
Snow Deer Companion
Snow Maiden
Sun Wukong
The Bird Bridge
The Sandman NEW
The Sphinx
Twin Wolves
White Swan NEW

Black Butler (April 18, 2013)
Black Butler: Alois Trancy NEW
Black Butler: Angela Blanc NEW
Black Butler: Ash Landers
Black Butler: Ciel Phantomhive NEW
Black Butler: Drocell Cainz NEW
Black Butler: Lau NEW
Black Butler: Madam Red NEW
Black Butler: Prince Soma
Black Butler: Undertaker NEW
SDSuper+ BB06 Hannah Annafellows
SDSuper+ BB07 Lau
SDSuper+ BB09 Prince Soma
SDSuper+ BB10 Agni
SDSuper+ BB13 Ash Landers NEW
SDSuper+ BB14 Angela Blanc

Blind Block (June 28, 2015) NEW
Burning Street Ignition NEW
Devious Shadow Thief NEW
Electric Dance Dance Party NEW
Expert Guradoru Singer NEW
Knight of the Twilight Flame NEW
Leviathan's Verduous Rampage NEW
True Inner Strength NEW

Blooming Idol (July 30, 2014) NEW
Aphrodite Idol NEW
Chuui Rider NEW
Dapper Don NEW
Osha Re Kei NEW
Passionate St. NEW
Raisin Ribbon Candy NEW
See You In Red NEW
Tentative Heart NEW

Boite a Perruque (April 4, 2014) NEW
Curly Cool Frohawk NEW
Curly Dark Frohawk NEW
Curly Warm Frohawk NEW
Francis Cool Fade NEW
Francis Dark Fade NEW
Francis Light Fade NEW
Francis Warm Fade NEW
Jumbodango Cool Buns NEW
Ombre Antoine Cool Curls NEW

Book of Fairy Tales (March 28, 2015) NEW
Peter's Intensity NEW

Boundless Evolution (June 15, 2015) NEW
Adventurous Prince of the Sea NEW
Hoarfrost Pass: Imperial Centurion NEW
Hoarfrost Pass: Imperial Northman NEW
Hoarfrost Pass: Noble Centurion NEW
Hoarfrost Pass: Noble Northman NEW
Josie's Expedition NEW
Mystery of the Stolen Rubies NEW
Spunky All-Star Cheer NEW
Stoic Prince of the Sea NEW
The Mysterious Case of Pietro NEW

Box of Anti Valentines (February 9, 2015) NEW
Anarchist's Mutinous End NEW
Disaster Panda NEW
Gloomy Zom Bea NEW
Powerful Boy Style NEW
Quiet Stalker in the Fog NEW
Reserved Crooked Cousin NEW
Solo Operator NEW
Zetta Pile NEW

Box of Valentines (February 9, 2015) NEW
Discreet Tentative Heart NEW
Forever Fatal Love NEW
Glowing Underground Heart NEW
Patriarch of Hearts NEW
Son of Shordis NEW

Brilliant Wings (December 19, 2014) NEW
Astra: Dark Purple Mini Nitemare Wings NEW
Astra: Deep Purple Angelic Headwings NEW
Astra: Golden Angelic Headwings NEW
Astra: Golden Angelic Hipwings NEW
Astra: Heavenly Mini Nitemare Wings NEW
Astra: Pine Angelic Headwings NEW
Astra: Pine Angelic Hipwings NEW
Astra: Pine Angelic Wings NEW
Astra: Pine Nitemare Wings NEW

Budding Bistro (March 5, 2014) NEW
A la Honey NEW
A la Jam NEW
A la Peanut Butter NEW
Astra-154: Bread Tumble NEW
Astra: Strawberry Tumble NEW
Berry Bikkie NEW
Burnt Toast NEW
French Toast NEW
Labunee NEW
Little Sous Spirits NEW
Majokko Kappukeki NEW
Maker of Pies NEW
Mini Gourmet NEW
Mooligan NEW
Noir Foret NEW
Noodle Fashion NEW
Organic Cook NEW
Royal Macaron NEW
Royaltea Cameo NEW
Salad of the Day NEW
Tapioca Skedaddle NEW
Tea Breeze NEW
The Russian Butcher NEW
Truffle Chizukeki NEW
Wild Berry Chizukeki NEW

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