Aura Wintergreen
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The City
They move as one. Their directions coming from people and places they cannot see.
Stop. Go.
They move as one.
Their minds set on their destinations; everything else is invisible to them.
Do not attempt to go against the flow.
They move as one.
The smells they entice, they disgust and then blend into something familiar yet something unreognisible.
The noises roar like the thunder and fade to nothingness only to roar once again.
It's hectic. They move as one.

However, there is a place of serenity.
They move as they please. their minds at ease.
Everything is seen by them.
The flow does not matter.
The smells relax and their is peace.

But once this serenity is left behind.
They move as one.
stop. Go.
They move as one.