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Rose`s Log of All Things Children
a comprehensive journal of rose`s thoughts and feelings about her children and the events that transpire.
Another Kid
ah . . . i haven`t written in a while. i`m sorry. i got really mad and threw a tantrum, i shouldn`t have. i`m sorry.

i have another kid now? . . . she isn`t mine, either. she`s older than shal is. that should make you less prone to looking at me like you did . . . right? she can`t possibly be mine. but uhm . . . anyways. she was a special case. i think she may have uhm . . . killed her family. or her whole village. the whole town. it`s possible, i don`t know. she won`t tell us where she`s from. she won`t give us a name. she was just . . . drenched in blood. she wouldn`t let anybody touch her. she just stared at me until i took her to the bathroom and showed her inside. i think she doesn`t like men, maybe. cuz i`m still the only girl around after all this time. maybe it`s cuz i`m also the head honcho? ahha . . .

you have to know about that by now. i bet you`re mad. i bet you`re gonna be the head honcho soon, too. and even though i said we could be friends i . . . don`t think we can. i`ve heard you`re hanging out with el HER again. i guess you`re like . . . allowed to, but making me jealous isn`t cool. that`s why you`re doing it, right? you`re mad that i have a kid and so you`re trying to take it out on me by dating her? that isn`t cool. she used to be my friend.

used to be.

now just the thought of her name makes my skin crawl and my pen nearly punched through the page there, oops. i`ll be more careful! i`d hate to send you letters with holes in them.

i`d hate to send you letters at all.

i hate you.

. . .

anyways! i decided to name her aika. it`s supposed to mean something to do with love. i love her. she`s gonna be a great daughter, i just know it.

hey umm . . . do you know where tommy is? he`s the only one i actually send stupid letters like these to. he hasn`t responded in forever. not that you could tell me, aha . . . these will never be sent to you. oh well.

And The Sun Shines
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  • 03/16/14 to 03/09/14 (5)

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