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Rose`s Log of All Things Children
a comprehensive journal of rose`s thoughts and feelings about her children and the events that transpire.
Little Baby . . .

today i saw a child while doing the daily rounds around the city. i know it isn`t really my job anymore, but i get so bored when i have to sit at home and practice being a queen. what exactly is a "queen", anyways? what does it do? they tell me i won`t have to do anything but isn`t that worse than having to do everything? i really hope they`ll still send me on missions, but i have a suspicion that my work days are coming to an end. i`m too young to retire! ugh!

that isn`t the point, of course. the point was that i`m trying to make the most of the time i have left to be a kid. and . . . while doing so . . . i stumbled upon a baby in the dirt. someone had to have left it there, but i don`t know who. i don`t even know where . . . i think someone from our city, though. how else could he have gotten so close? i guess some weird primitaves could have left him here for a better life but . . . i just feel like someone wasn`t looking out for his best interests. when i picked him up . . . he`d stopped crying and stared at me.

one of his eyes was fogged over.

i nearly dropped him! i was so scared! i`ve heard lots of tales about demon possession. i never believed in it, cuz you know my daddy thought the same thing of me. he thought that i existed cuz a demon cursed my mom and made her seduce him and have a child, and that child was me. that`s why i don`t believe all that demon stuff. but i can see why they would! but that`s ok. i want him to be my little demon baby.

when i took him back home, though, everyone was definitely thinking the whole "demon eye" thing. they thought he was possessed, and that eventually both eyes would cloud over and he`d sprout horns or something. weird superstition, if you ask me. but yeah i puffed out my cheeks and stood my ground, and they seemed real surprised that i was willing to defend him like that. apparently i`m too young to raise a kid, do you believe that? what a bunch of baloney. they think i`m old enough to be a queen but not old enough to raise a kid? talking about that only made them avoid the subject more. it`s making me feel weird . . . like this queen thing is going to be something i really don`t like. i know i`m the youngest and the only girl, but that doesn`t mean they can take advantage of me. i`ll find out what it is.

but . . . more importantly . . . i have to figure out how to raise a kid. i have to figure out what to name him! what should i do? okay. let`s see. most babies get two names, right? they get the name people call them, and the family name that people say to be polite. so what do i want to call him? i want to highlight what makes him special. i wanna highlight that eye.

there`s a demon called shalbriri, i think? he supposedly like . . . blinded people who drank from rivers or something. i don`t remember much about it cuz i don`t really follow the whole demon thing, but i definitely know i`m gonna call him that. ok. shalbriri. shalbriri . . . what?

ah, well, i have plenty of time to think of a formal name, thing. i wish i had one. i heard the formal thing was a familial thing . . . like . . . passed from parent to child. well, i`ll be sure to give him a super cool one so he gives his kids his formal name when he grows up. i just need time to think of one.

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