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Role Play

Okay. So like I said in my about me section, I role play. Pretty much any genre. Romance, Action, Horror, Adventure, Fantasy, Slice of life, etc. Actually, I prefer a certain genre + Romance.

I guess you could call me a love junkie ( ?? lol ). I like role plays with romance and drama. Haha C: Although I could work with almost anything, as long as we talk about the subject thoroughly :3

Oh and another thing.. I have this bad habit of ... abandoning my RPs. Well not really 'abandon', but.. I feel lazy once the role play starts to become boring. I don't mind thinking of a lot of plot twists, but if I feel like I'm the only one contributing to the story, or actually making an effort to make it more interesting, then I will lose interest and probably only reply if you remind me to. lol

I hope that doesn't stop you from wanting to RP with me xD" I'm just being honest >3< Don't be afraid of giving it a shot, either. Also I don't mind a little chit chat between the authors. Like, discussing what else could be contributed to the story, or simply just checking if the story line is still appealing c:

Whoops, I forgot. I'm a semi-literate role player. But if ever anyone wants to make a role play about The Hunger Games, Divergent, or Supernatural, I could work with that. C: <

I guess that's all. Feel free to ask if you guys need any more info. ^u^ LET'S RP WOO